David Chang Review

David Chang is a Korean American chef who founded the Momofuku restaurants.  Chang has gained much popularity since then, getting his own shows on Netflix and having many articles written about him.  David Chang made more restaurants than just Momofuku, like the fried chicken spot, “Fuku”. Chang made restaurants at both higher and lower price points.  Even if the price is different, any meal at any of Chang’s restaurants will be guaranteed delicious.  

David Chang started from nothing, leaving the restaurant he previously worked at and he started his own restaurant by himself.  He wasn’t always trying to be a chef. Before he decided to pursue a cooking career, Chang went to Trinity College for religious studies.  He went into finance after his graduation, but he got tired of finance and left to teach English in Japan. Chang realized in Japan what his true passion was and he decided to try culinary school.

Chang’s father was less than happy with Chang’s decision to leave his job and decide to cook.  But after Chang finished school at the French Culinary Institute, he worked his way up the food chain (quite literally) and got a job at Mercer Kitchen in NYC.  Then Chang worked at Tom Colicchio’s Craft and his experience grew. To improve his skills, Chang went to train in Japan for 2 years before asking his father to help him with his restaurant.  His father decided that Chang was very serious about cooking, and gave him $130,000 to start a restaurant.

Momofuku Noodle Bar, his first restaurant and one of his most famous, became very successful and Chang began to gain fame and recognition.  He opened up new restaurants like Momofuku Ko and Milk Bar. Chang became one of the world’s most known chefs and he created his very own show Ugly Delicious on Netflix in 2018.  He made another show called Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner.

David Chang came from nothing, and because he had one big dream, he pursued his culinary career and managed to become famous.  His restaurants have Michelin stars and he has a James Beard award. His show Ugly Delicious has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and his other show Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner has also become quite popular.  David Chang worked hard to get where he is now, learning and absorbing as many techniques and recipes as possible. He is a prime example of what a chef should be and what a chef can become.