Kobe Bryant: Gone But Never Forgotten


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Since Kobe had died along with his daughter here is a fan made picture of the two playing basketball in heaven; RIP Kobe and Gigi

Many sports players around the world change their respective sports, but nobody has changed the sport of basketball as much as Kobe Bryant has. Kobe Bean Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, and ever since that day, the world has witnessed a young star grow into a legend that changed the course of many lives and the sport that is widely known.

When Kobe was a young boy, his father was a professional basketball player who traveled around the globe, playing in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for eight years and the Italian basketball league for another eight years. After spending time in Italy for his father’s basketball career, Bryant moved back to the United States, going to high school at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. In his high school days, Kobe excelled at the game and quickly received many National Player of the Year awards. He had surpassed Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 2,883 points. As the years went on and Kobe graduated from high school in the class of ‘96 and thought of going to Forgo college, which made him ultimately eligible for the 1996 NBA draft. Going into the draft as the 13th pick from the Charlotte Hornets but shortly after, Kobe was traded to the team that he would transform into the championship-winning Los Angeles Lakers. With this trade, he became the 2nd youngest basketball player to ever set foot onto an NBA court. When the regular season started, Kobe quickly proved to be a very valuable asset. He was so good in fact, that he was selected to star in 1996-1997, All-Star Game, becoming the youngest All-Star in NBA history.

As a Laker, Kobe was playing with the hall-of-Famer, Shaquille O’Neal. This created one of the best duos in Basketball history with the help of the head coach, Phil Jackson. Even though the two did not like each other at the slightest, Kobe and Shaq managed to win 3 consecutive championships, with Kobe as shooting guard, and Shaq being a center.

Kobe has had many good times that span across his career but has had times where it just did not go his way. After winning their 3rd championship in 2002, Kobe and the Lakers were defeated in only the second round of the playoffs in 2003. Although this may seem bad, a few months later, Kobe was accused of something that would tarnish his image. Kobe was accused of raping a young woman in Colorado. After many months of legal justice complications, their civil suit was finished in 2005. A year back, however, Kobe and the Lakers returned to the finals, but ultimately got defeated by the Detroit Pistons, and following the defeat, Shaq got traded to the Miami Heat, leaving Kobe as the one and only team leader. Around this time in 2006, was when Kobe Bryant made his historic game when he scored a total of 81 points alone. This made basketball history, as this was the 2nd highest amount of points scored in a game alone, only second to the legendary Wilt Chamberlain.

As the Lakers entered the next few seasons, they did well, but not as well as other seasons. Kobe got an MVP award in 2008 and won his fourth championship for the Lakers a year later in 2009. Going along with his victory in 2009, he also won the final MVP with an average of 32.4 points in the series. With another year passing in the 2009-2010 season, Kobe won his final championship for the Lakers against the Boston Celtics in a dramatic 7-game series. In this series, Kobe was named Finals MVP with a series point average of 28.6 points over the course of seven games. 2 years later, the Lakers team started to crumble into a team that no longer reached its high standards. With Steve Nash and Dwight Howard joining the team in the 2012-2013 season, hopes were high and the Lakers were thought to dominate the field, but it was the exact opposite. Kobe broke his Achilles Tendon into the season forcing the reluctant Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to finish the season without Kobe, but they barely made it to the playoffs and got swept in their first series. The following seasons of the Lakers were just full of many injuries and poor attempts to make it to the finals. 2014-2016 was a very rough patch for the Lakers as they were struggling to play well even with Kobe. Also during this time, Kobe averaged a career-low of .358 shooting percentage and an average of 17.6 points per game. (2015 season) Kobe Bryant decided to end his career of basketball at age 34, with a 60 point game against the Utah Jazz, in the 2015-2016 season.

Kobe’s achievements don’t just include the ones he has accomplished in the NBA since he has gotten gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the 2012 London Olympics, both for team U.S.A. Kobe has also made an award-winning short-film and a book named, The Mamba Mentality: How I Play. Kobe has unfortunately passed away on January 26, 2020, in a helicopter accident with his daughter Gianna, and seven others. Even though Kobe is gone, his legacy would stay with his fans, as they would not let it go.