Future of Space Firm-Stratolaunch and its First Flight

The Stratolaunch, a double-plane, is meant to carry vehicles to space.

via. Wikimedia Commons

The Stratolaunch, a double-plane, is meant to carry vehicles to space.

The business Stratolaunch Systems Corporations was established in 2011 by Paul G. Allen. This company’s main purpose is to safeguard Earth for future generations. One way the firm could accomplish this goal is by enabling convenient, and everyday access to outer space. Stratolaunch Systems plans to empower the world’s problem solvers by providing them a new perspective: space.

Jean Floyd, or the CEO of Stratolaunch, has had many years of service in the space industry. This helps him lead programs related to air-launch space vehicles, launching services, and aerospace programs. The Vice President of Stratolaunch Systems is Dr. Zachary Krevor. Zack leads the company’s technical integration and technology awareness for the Stratolaunch Systems Corporation. 

The Stratolaunch is a plane with two carriages that are conjoined by the tip of the side wings. The body is very compact because of the journey to space. The reinforced center wing can support many launch vehicles and weigh up to a total of 250 tons (500,000 pounds). The next step to making this dream a reality is to test the double-plane and make corrections on predicaments that might occur.

The first flight of this massive double-plane was a success. Jean Floyd, CEO of Stratolaunch said, “Today’s flight promotes our mission to provide a flexible alternative to ground-launched systems. We are incredibly proud of the Stratolaunch team, today’s flight crew, our partners at Northrop Grumman’s Scaled Composites and the Mojave Air and Space Port.” During a conference after the launch, he also stated, ”It was an emotional moment for me to personally watch this majestic bird take flight.”

The first Stratolaunch pilot, Evan Thomas, had to examine flight control maneuvers which includes calibrating speed and test flight control systems that might affect flying for the public. This includes yawning maneuvers and pushovers and pull-ups. The pilots also conducted a piloting/landing simulation at around 15,000 feet above sea level. Since the plane is so large – being as wide as the length of a football field – the pilots have to train to land the huge aircraft differently than a normal pilot would land a normal plane.

Recently, Stratolaunch has transferred possession. This is to make the dream even more possible, thanks to Vulcan Inc and Scaled Composites. The reason that this idea will become more of a reality is that the two new will sponsor this brand-new company, advertise it, and provide some engineers that will help assemble the plane.