Electric Bikes and Scooters Are Still Illegal in New York. Why?

Electric bikes and scooters are still illegal in New York City due mostly to the packed crowds.

Ethan Y.

Electric bikes and scooters are still illegal in New York City due mostly to the packed crowds.

Electric bikes and scooters have popped up all over the U.S country which allows for easy transportation on the sidewalks instead of traveling by car for short distances and trying to find a parking spot. The idea first debuted on Good Morning America in December of 2001. 

Two decades later, electric scooters with direct online payments made its way to the public. This would bring prosperity to multiple companies such as Bird and Lime for having people pay for travel by scooter. The city scooters would help with traveling to different places that are a few blocks away instead of going on a bus or through the car in traffic which is more time-consuming.

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, vetoed an electric scooters and bikes bill, making the two electric-powered vehicles illegal in New York City in mid-June of 2019. However, delivery workers still use electric bikes and are continuously subjected to 500 dollar fines, confiscations, and enforcement sweeps.

Some of the co-sponsors of the electric bike and scooter bill were Nily Rozic, a New York State Assemblywoman and Phil Jones, the senior government director at Lime, an electric scooter company. Both thought of Governor Cuomo’s decision as, “disappointing” and a “missed opportunity.” Though Cuomo’s decisions were final, having a safer state is better than more accidents everywhere.

 In some cities and countries that allow city scooters such as Santa Monica, Paris, and New York. New York is one of the more congested states, still has city energy charging scooters illegally. However, one of the benefits of electric scooters is that it can reduce pollution from cars, which destroys the ozone layer which absorbs the sun’s harmful ultraviolet lights from hitting Earth.

Though at the moment, segways and electric bikes are still imperfect. Scooters and segways take up a lot of space for the standard sidewalk width of 48 inches or 4 feet. If everyone were to use scooters and segways, the sidewalk would be impossible to walk through the popular blocks like Time Square and Madison Avenue. For the perfect segway or electric bike, it would have to be compact while being energy efficient. 

As technology continues to be more compact while having upgrades, so would other means of transport. Technology still has ways to go as humans grow and advance in knowledge to help for the future of mankind. Segways and electric bikes will eventually make it onto the streets everywhere once it will be enhanced to fit the human need.