Top Activities in Cabo

This is a picture of a beach in San Jose del Cabo.

Naina B.

This is a picture of a beach in San Jose del Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas is an amazing area that has many fun things to do. Cabo has two separate parts. The big and busy area is Cabo San Lucas and the other half is San Jose del Cabo. If tourists want to do something out of their hotel they should go dolphin swimming, camel riding, zip lining, or just relaxing along the beach.

When going to Cabo, tourists have to go swimming with dolphins. The dolphins are such beautiful creatures and are fun to play with. Some people don’t want to do this because they think it is hurting the dolphins but there are plenty of places that treat their dolphins carefully and with love. When swimming with the dolphins, the trainer will usually teach the people the hand signals used for that dolphin. Then sometimes they will let the tourists use those signals when playing with the dolphin. The visitors get to choose if they want to go under the water or not. If they choose to go under then they will probably get to ride on the animal to the bottom of the pool and around. In most cases the pool is around 15 feet deep. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and worth it if people get the chance.

Another amazing opportunity is the chance to ride camels. There is one place in Cabo that is a camel sanctuary. It rescues camels mostly from circuses and zoos and helps them get healthy again. In order to not tire the camels out the physical ride only lasts around 20 minutes but then the visitors spend about an hour learning about camels and the area they live in. Afterwards there is a provided lunch where they teach people more about the history and previous lives of a few of their camels. It is an amazing experience and worth the money.

Most people think that Cabo is only for beach days but if visitors have an extra day zip lining is a great activity. People can swing through the trees and see the wonderful wildlife in Cabo. Visitors are given a trained tour guide to go along. The tour itself lasts 3 ½ hours and is definitely only recommended for people who are over 8 years old and do not have back or neck problems. The zip liners will repel off sheer rocks and do the longest and fastest canopy line in Mexico. The zip line activity is definitely thrilling and will be worth the time.

The last thing that people should do is go to the beach. The waters there are the brightest blue and crystal clear. The beaches in Cabo are unlike other beaches because many of them can not be swam in. The tides there are too strong so tourists have to go to certain ones but the trip is definitely rewarding. Many people end up staying in their hotel so the beaches are quiet. If the day is clear visitors can usually spot whales without trying to. The beaches in Cabo are definitely breathtaking. Cabo has many activities that are once in a lifetime and worth the time.