Richard Jewell, a Tragedy


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Richard Jewell is a hero… that’s it, what!?!?! did you want me to make a joke? just look at yourself in the mirror. >:C

The story of the Centennial Park bombing is one rarely known by those who weren’t alive when the bomb went off. Richard Jewell (known to his friend and lawyer as Radar) had a reputation of noticing things that most people wouldn’t. Thus, it was no surprise to Jewell’s attorney, Watson Bryant, when Richard spotted the suspicious bag that contained a pipe bomb. Unfortunately, Jewell quickly went from national hero to FBI suspect in the bombing that killed two and injured more than 100 others. After Jewell weathered a full-on assault from the FBI and the media, he was cleared of all charges that law enforcement was pursuing. This, unfortunately, wasn’t the end. The FBI still suspected Jewell until the actual bomber (Eric Rudolph) stepped forward and confessed to the murder. Richard Jewell died from complications from diabetes on August 29, 2007.

   After many years of stress and watching to see if the Police were going to come knocking on his door to arrest him, Richard’s story quickly faded from memory for most Americans. The majority of children aren’t taught about this American tragedy that ended two lives and ruined the life of the man that saved so many others. Until Clint Eastwood began the production of Richard Jewell, many had completely forgotten what had happened that night in Centennial Park.

   Richard Jewell came out on December 13, 2019, scoring a semi-decent rating of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. This score doesn’t remotely honor the beauty of the movie. Clint Eastwood’s masterful direction creates a movie that captures the audience. However, Eastwood isn’t the only one who should be applauded for Richard Jewell, Paul Walter Hauser portrays Jewell perfectly, creating a character that those watching can connect with.

   The movie begins by showing Jewell’s exceptional ability to notice things that most would not. He refills his future attorney’s drawer of Snickers. The movie then shows Jewell getting fired from a security job for impersonating an officer. Richard then gets a job as a security guard at Centennial Park for the Olympics. Jewell scolds a group of drunk teens for throwing beer bottles against a tower. This is when he discovers a suspicious package. While other guards brush off the potential threat, Richard calls in the bomb squad who discovered the pipe bomb hidden inside the bag. Security immediately tries to clear the area but aren’t quick enough, and many are injured.

Overall, Richard Jewell is a spectacular movie that deserves 5 stars.