Good and Bad News for the Lakers


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Lakers are just okay without Kobe, he was the team…

The Lakers are a very well known team within the NBA (National Basketball Association). The team has many great players, including two all-stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which are helping the team go far within the sport and will probably make the playoffs an easy competition. The Lakers have many good things going for them. Apart from having a great team, they have also been making amazing plays that have made them the best team in the western conference. They also have some bad news until further in the season because Anthony Davis had gotten injured and the fact that they had lost two games during and after the so-called winter break.

One week made a great difference for the Lakers as on Christmas Day. They collapsed under a 17-5 run to lose to their showdown rivals of the Staples Center, the Clippers. This was a low point or the team that did not plan on losing two games in a row. There was even a re-aggravation of Lebron’s groin injury, which ended up making things even worse. If Lebron’s Injury was to get worse, the Lakers would most likely lose their spot in the Semi-finals or even the Finals. The team had really bad chemistry most would even say that is was shattered. The next day showed that the team could turn things around considering that they had a great turn around from the last game, but how long could it possibly last.

The Lakers had a great ten-game win streak, which was an amazing ten games for the Lakers. Many fans were disappointed when they ended up losing to the mavericks by a whole fourteen points.  This season has been the best team chemistry that any team could possibly have. From faking to be injured to making an easy basket to setting multiple pick and roles until someone is open, the team has definitely had a step up from where they were last season and this season. The team may have two all-star players, but that doesn’t make everyone else bad, for the others have been doing great, for instance, the Caldwell Pope has been making many more shots than from where his shooting average was last season. Kyle Kuzma has been making amazing plays to get open baskets and assists from other team members.


As many can tell the Lakers have some good things and some bad things that they have to work on. The team also needs to keep doing what they have been in order to make it anywhere within the game.