Man Kills Fiance After Recently Proposing

While not clear why Akins murdered his fiancee, it is a very tragic event that should never happen again

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While not clear why Akins murdered his fiancee, it is a very tragic event that should never happen again

On New Year’s Eve, 39 year old Kendrick Marquette Akins proposed to his delighted girlfriend Dominique Jefferson (33 years old) seconds before the beginning of 2020. As claimed by Jefferson’s family, they had been dating for three months, with Akins working as a construction worker and Jefferson running an art class for African Americans. They  would have been able to live happy lives with their two sons and one girl, but, unfortunately, their lives took a dark turn.  


On January 4, in Harris County, Texas, Akins shot his horrified fiance in the chest with a pistol just four days after proposing to her. Jefferson’s sister, who posted Akin’s and Jefferson’s engagement on Facebook, was so confused that she wept while being interviewed by KTRK reporters. Witnesses claim that at midnight Jefferson and Akins were having an argument outside of Holly View Apartments on 5500 Holly View Drive, Jefferson’s apartment complex. Whatever Akins and Jefferson were arguing about may have led Akins to somehow get so enraged to the point where he shot his beloved fiance. KTRK claims that Jefferson yelled, “shoot me,” before Atkins legitimately shot her. “I thought that she had finally found the man of her dreams. It turned out it wasn’t the man of her dreams. It was the nightmare of her life,” says Tina Hunter, Jefferson’s mom. 


Witnesses claim that Akins fled the scene but later came back and turned himself in to the HPD Northeast Police Station, where he was interrogated. 


A neighbor who witnessed the argument attempted to help Jefferson, but Akins, having returned to the scene, confronted the citizen and attempted to shoot him. Thankfully, according to the police, the neighbor was not shot. 


Akins’ public defender Te’iva Johnson Bell has had no comment on the case.


So far, no reason has been given as to Akins shot his fiance Jefferson.


Akins was arrested 12 hours after Dominique was killed, and has been charged with assualt with a gun and murder. Previously, Akins had been charged with assault  in 2008, convicted for weapon possession, as court records have claimed. He has demanded protective custody due to “threats” posted on Facebook, as he claims. Akins is forced to pay a magistrate bond of 250 thousand dollars for both murder and aggravated assault  The Houston Police Department is currently investigating and searching for footage of the murder. “This needs to wake women up to do their research on who they’re letting into their lives,” says Hunter.