Earvin “Magic” Johnson Spotlight

Magic Johnson posting up on one of the wizards players years ago

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Magic Johnson posting up on one of the wizards players years ago

A boy by the name of Earvin Johnson Jr was born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan, and had grown up in a house with nine brothers and sisters, not knowing that one day, he will become one of the most dominant basketball players in the NBA. With Earvin’s love for basketball, he then acquired the nickname, “Magic” after a sportswriter was impressed with Johnson’s stats of 16 assists, 16 rebounds, and 36 points in a single game. When Earvin Johnson finished high school at Everett High School, he then attended Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, Michigan. After being at the university for a short time, he became an outstanding point guard by assisting the team and helping them claim the Big Ten Conference title.

In the following year at Michigan State University, Magic Johnson assisted his team in getting into the NCAA Finals and then faced off against the Indiana State Sycamores, who had the future star, Larry Bird. Michigan ended up winning, and the competition between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would continue throughout the NBA.

After two years Johnson left college and was instantly drafted into the Los Angeles Lakers team in 1979. As time passed, Magic Johnson won the NBA Finals MVP (Most Valuable Player) for his efforts in defeating the Philadelphia 76ers, four out of the six games in the championship series. During Johnson’s third season, the Lakers made it to the NBA Finals and defeated the Philadelphia 76ers again for the Champion Title. Magic Johnson then received his second MVP Finals award.

   Earvin Johnson, after playing in the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 basketball seasons, retired due to medical issues. After his retirement in the NBA, Earvin explored other options. Johnson in 1992 published his third book, My Life after his other two books, 1983 Magic and 1989 Magic’s Touch.

 During 1993-1994, Johnson tried his hand at coaching the Lakers and then soon came back onto the team in 1996. Shortly after a year of being back on the Laker team, Earvin Magic Johnson officially retired for good. Not only has he been hugely successful in the NBA, but he was also successful in his company, Magic Johnson Enterprises, that brings the Starbucks franchise and movie theaters into underserved communities. Not only was Earvin Johnson, a great businessman, but he was also one of the greatest basketball players in the NBA.