Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stanley


Celine K.

This is Mr. Stanley with his wife when they were in the Philippines.

  Mr. Stanely is a new teacher here at Kraemer and teaches AVID and Social Studies. Before Mr. Stanley moved to Kraemer, he taught in the Philippines at St. Paul American School in Luzon. There, he taught 6, 7, and 8th grade Social Science as well as creative writing and American Literature. His fiance is also a teacher and taught third grade. Both he and his partner had pet hamsters in their classroom, but never owned one of their own because their landlord did not permit them. Whenever they were free, Mr. Stanley and his fiance traveled as much as they could. Both he and his soon to be wife have traveled to places such as Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, and more. The main reason why Mr. Stanley and his fiance decided to move to the Philippines is because his fiance’s aunt and uncle both offered them teaching jobs here. At the start, it was difficult; however, they were grateful for the many things that they got to experience in the Philippines.

   Before Mr. Stanley was a teacher, he worked many jobs, some of them being a shoe salesman at Sports Chalet, a server at Mimi’s Cafe, as well as a camp counselor on Catalina Island. Even with all these jobs, he also taught volleyball at Valencia High School and Impact Volleyball, which is currently named ACT Volleyball Club. This year, 2020, in the Spring, he will be teaching the Men’s Frosh Volleyball team at Valencia High School. Mr. Stanley wanted to become a teacher because of his teachers and professors that inspired him. He wasn’t the best student in school, but the teachers and professors that interacted with him inspired him to teach like his teachers before him.

   In his free time, Mr. Stanley enjoys hanging out with family and friends. He likes to watch blockbuster movies like Marvel and Star Wars. An interesting fact about Mr. Stanley’s family is that his family and his extended family all have people who work in some aspect of education. Mr. Stanley is excited about this school year and many more to come.