Student Spotlight: Logan N.

This is a picture of Logan N. in Kraemer Middle School's quad.

Ben V.

This is a picture of Logan N. in Kraemer Middle School’s quad.

Logan N. is a 7th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. He was born and raised in Placentia, California, and aspires to work in the technology business. He has four people in his family, one sister named Lily, and two parents named Lien and Thanh. Logan has previously attended Brookhaven Elementary School, and at Kraemer is part of the GATE program. When he moved to Kraemer, he lost some of his friends, who he still misses, but has easily made new friends. Logan is an outgoing person and usually in a good mood, where he can be very lenient on aggravating things, but once bad things get out of hand, he can get really mad.

Here at Kraemer Middle School, his electives consist of band, where he plays the trumpet, and computer technology. Logan takes a 0 period in 7/8 accelerated math, which allows him to leave at 6th period. An event that he looks forward to later on in the year is the GATE shadow day, where 6th graders get to follow a 7th grader around and experience what life is like at Kraemer.

Some of Logan’s favorite foods are sushi and Oreos, which he likes to dip in milk. Another fact about Logan is that his favorite animals are pandas or penguins. He likes these animals because he thinks that they are cute and also because the panda can range from the colors brown to even pink sometimes.

Some time ago, Logan’s family decided to go on a vacation to Las Vegas, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They planned to go skiing on the slopes to have fun and fun they did have. When he was there, Logan had a good time and was really good at sliding down the tall hills. Things were going great until his very last run, where he started off at the top way too fast and hit a bump in the snow that caused him to lose control. He hit another hill that lead him straight into a tree. He survived the day with a minor concussion, but it also left an unforgettable memory. Overall, Logan is a good friend, an outstanding peer, and one of the best people to talk to when there is one around.