Darrius H.

Don’t go to school while sick or this may happen…

Throat feels itchy? Sensitive skin when touching it and getting the chills? As the people around the world know, these symptoms lead up to a no-good, painful, and annoying fever. Throughout the history of humankind, fevers have been around. They are one of those illnesses that almost everyone gets every year. To make it even better, people can’t get rid of the fever automatically, it goes through a process that takes around a week to recover from. After that, the effect of getting better is a sore throat, stuffy nose, and general weakness. Also, many types of fevers are deadly and way more painful than a  regular fever.

Before any helpful medicine was discovered, major diseases like the black death and yellow fever were common causes of death. Each day, over 1,000 people die from the Black Death. Although it was considered a disease, the first symptom of it was a high fever and chills. When doctors found out, medical care began to be taken more seriously. Instead of assuming how the person will go through the fever, they went in-depth into finding an easy way to treat it. As years passed, there has been more research on this topic which decreased the mortality rate of fevers.

    When a person gets a fever, there are many symptoms that they get. The first ones that happen mainly are chills, headache, and fever. When that happens, those symptoms can last up to three to four days. It is very discomforting and makes the person want to stay in bed all day. However, that is not the end of it. Without taking any medicine or putting on cold towels, a person’s fever can possibly last weeks making the illness become a level 5 danger, which means a chance of seizures and death. Fortunately, nowadays, death rates for fevers are low.

Every year there is always a virus that causes fevers that goes around the world. Many people, starting from infants and children, to adults, get the infection. Although there are some fatal deaths, many things such as medicines and vaccines are used to help prevent it from entering the person’s system. Without coming up with new ways to vaccine people, fevers would last many weeks and cause pain in the throat, 100+ temperatures, and chills.