A Tale of Magic… Book Review

The magic of books will captivate anyone who opens one.

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The magic of books will captivate anyone who opens one.

A Tale of Magic…, the prequel to the best-selling series, The Land of Stories, has been recently published on October 1, 2019. Chris Colfer, the author, has also been a Golden Globe-winning actor mostly known for being Kurt Hummel in the tv-show, Glee. Colfer began writing when he released his first book in 2012 called The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. It immediately was a hit and was #1 on New York’s Times Best Seller list. In five years, Chris Colfer has written five more Land of Stories books, writing his last one in 2017. The author has begun a new series called A Tale of Magic… this year that is still related to the Land of Stories but can be solely read without having to know his previous series. 

The book begins with a girl named Brystol who doesn’t feel like she belongs in an oppressive kingdom where girls aren’t allowed to read and magic is looked down upon. When she is a maid in the library, she finds a book about magic and reads an incantation, accidentally casting a spell. She gets in trouble and is sent to a correctional facility. There, Brystol is forced to do hard labor and is treated like a slave.

One fateful day, Madame Weatherberry, a pleasant fairy, rescues Brystol as she wants to recruit magical people to an academy to prove society that magic is good. At the academy, Brystol befriends more fairies like her named Xanthos, Emerelda, Tangarina, Skylene, and Lucy Goose. During one day of training, the six students are startled by four witches. Madame Weatherberry talks to them privately sparking suspicion from Brystol. She overhears them talking about topics such as the “Northern Conflict”; a sensitive topic about a genocide where the Snow Queen, an overpowered witch, destroys the Northern Kingdom with blizzards and how Madame Weatherberry must stop it. Brystol realizes how much Madame Weaterberry is in trouble and her friends and her go to save her. 

When they reach the Northern Kingdom, all the students greatly help the Northern Army using their powers to protect what is left of the land. Brystol uses it as a chance to save Madame Weatherberry. When she can’t find her teacher, the Snow Queen finds her and chokes her. Brystol removes the wand from the Snow Queen’s hand, losing her magical form, surprisingly revealing Madame Weatherberry. Ashamed, Weatherberry explains that her goal as the Snow Queen was to harm mankind as a way for the magical community to gain acceptance since only they could stop her. But her darkness took over. 

Brystol tells Madame Weatherberry to hide in the mountains as the Snow Queen. That way, whenever her powers got out of hand, people would have to depend on fairies to save them or all the people would die. Resolving the Northern Conflict, magic finally becomes legal in all of the lands. The whole magical community is free from hiding as the six students open their school to everyone so they can all embrace their magic and live in harmony and peace.

Overall, A Tale of Magic… is a fantastic and favorable book about fantasy. The story takes the reader on a roller coaster with so many plot twists and adventures. Chris Colfer’s words and way of writing in all his books are so descriptive that it is as if the reader is in the book experiencing everything with the characters. The imagination, excitement, and amusement of this book are like no other. A Tale of Magic… definitely should be on everybody’s list of must-read books. It is impossible to put down and one of the best children’s books to be read.