Heavy Metal Is Good For Mental Health

Chloe C. showing everyone an example of 
 how headbanging is done.

Hannah M.

Chloe C. showing everyone an example of how headbanging is done.

Heavy metal is a genre of music has gotten an unnecessary amount of stigma throughout the years. The name heavy metal comes from the early 1970s. The genre was very popular in the 1980s with bands like Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin started the new wave of British heavy metal. Today in the 21st century, bands like Metallica, Slipknot, and Avenged Sevenfold are some of the more popular bands. But back to the topic sentence of the paragraph, why is heavy metal getting so much stigma?

For starters, heavy metal has gained lots of stigmas from people who say it will make you depressed or suicidal. Despite this accusation, metal has been proven to make people happier after being in some sort of situation. Whether the situation involves a person being under intense stress or the person is going through a hard time in their emotional life, heavy metal can alleviate stress and make one happier. Studies have shown that heavy metal makes people happier because if a person is sad, they usually feel alone. Heavy metal, punk, screamo, and emo are all genres of music that help people not feel so alone during a rough time period in their personal lives. 

Another stigma of heavy metal is that it makes you become homicidal or want to injure others (or yourself). But despite this statement, heavy metal has been proven to promote generosity. When people listen to this genre, they might want to help others out.  Heavy metal does have songs involving lyrics that have to do with death, but so do other genres of music. Metal also promotes scientific thinking instead of a violent mindset like the genre is stigmatized with. Metal promotes scientific thinking because, for many years, metal was accused of being the fault for numerous crimes. The way metal promotes scientific thinking is because it makes students think about one question,” Can music lead people to commit harmful acts?”.

Some of the reasons heavy metal (or almost all forms of heavier music) are disgraced are for lyrics or actions of certain musicians. Parents shouldn’t disown their children for listening to metal. Many people dislike metal because of what artists wear (they usually wear a lot of blacks and people don’t like that color so much). Heavier music is some of the most looked down upon genres. All genres of music have songs that involve death or violence.  If people like heavy music, they shouldn’t be looked down upon either, it’s their personal choice to not listen to other types of music.