Best Christmas Decorations in Orange County

Christmas trees have  become the centerpiece for most Christmas displays.

Anselle P.

Christmas trees have become the centerpiece for most Christmas displays.

Some people enjoy decorating for Christmas, and some simply don’t. There are some decorators who live for decorating and spend hours planning the arrangement of the twinkling lights, making sure not one bulb is out of place. Some people will string up a few lights and call it a day. Many people strive to make their Christmas decorations the best in the neighborhood, trying even to be crowned the best in the county. Who are these kings of decorating?

The Eagle Hills community in Brea is famous for its colorful Christmas displays. Surprisingly, magnificent displays aren’t on just a few homes. Instead, over 100 homes in the community participate in the event and the community hires live musicians to play Christmas songs. Several of the displays continue in the person’s home who opens up their doors to viewers. Around the neighborhood, hot chocolate is sold for viewers. An onlooker can take a slow horse-drawn carriage to gaze at the twinkling lights. The Eagle Hills community truly earns its spot as one of the top Christmas decorations because of the vast participation of its residents.

Since 1966, the Snoopy House in Costa Mesa has been a favorite during the holiday season. In the display, well-known characters from the comic “Peanuts” are seen going about their lives before Christmas. The house even offers visits from Santa, allowing children to take pictures with him free of charge. Perhaps because of this, the attraction consistently brings over 80,000 people a year. With its formal opening on December 14 each year, the magic of the world’s most-loved comic strip is brought to life.

Perhaps one of the most impressive Christmas displays, the annual Newport Beach Christmas boat parade features boats decorated in holiday decor. The parade, originally called the Tournament of Lights, was started by Joseph Beek in 1908. The tradition has continued since then, and over 250 boats participate each year, attracting 1.5 million viewers annually. The parade is free to view but there is an entry fee for participating boats. However, the event owns a boat called “Davey’s Locker” that allows people to observe the lights while in the parade. From this spot, spectators can see the whole event – the boats strung with lights, and houses on the shore decorated for the event.

The Christmas lights in East Lake Village, located in Yorba Linda, do not disappoint. During the day, the community of East Lake Village is stunning. Located in the community, there is a man-made lake with houses along its banks. Boats float in the placid water and send ripples across the glassy surface of the lake. However, the community comes to life during the holiday season. The community also has a boat parade of its own – called the Holiday of Lights Boat Parade. During this event, boats decorated for Christmas sail around the lake while music plays. After the parade, many food trucks come to the event, adding to the experience. East Lake Village is a spectacular sight with its Christmas lights.

These four-holiday events truly are the most impressive in Orange County. These displays of Christmas lights take meticulous planning on the part of the contributors, and that is what makes these four so impressive.