What Is Tennis?


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A tennis player getting ready with his strength to hit the tennis ball

Tennis courts were invented in England way back in the 16th century by King Henry VIII, and the first tennis racquet was invented in Italy in 1583. Tennis is a game in which 2-4 players (singles or doubles) play against each other in even numbers of teams. They play on a court with a baseline or a line that separates each half of the court into quarters, and a net in the middle. The goal is to hit the ball over the net back and forth with a racquet while keeping the ball in the court. If one person can’t return the ball, the other person gains a point. (15-love). Whoever gets to 60 love first wins the match.  Each point that the player gets is 15 love, so it takes a total of 4 points (60 love) to win a match of tennis. With 3 matches in one game, it takes 180 love or 12 points to win a game of tennis.


Tennis grew in popularity during the 19th century. The first national tournament was held in London. The first U.S. Open was held in Newport, Rhode Island.  The winner of the U.S. Open was Dick Sears, and the U.S. Open continues to be one of the greatest and most well-known tennis tournaments since. Tennis became an Olympic sport just before the end of the 19th century in 1896. Many famous tennis players started their careers much later in the early 2000s. Players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal started getting win streaks and making a name for themselves. Roger Federer became one of the greatest tennis players in history after he won the French Open in 2009. Tennis tournaments became increasingly harder and the prize money reached millions for many tournaments.


Tennis has become a core sport, and people from young to old can play it. The sport was created a long time ago, and famous players from around the world started to pop-up over time. Roger Federer and other players dominated the court and won countless numbers of tournaments. Once a casual and simple sport, has become highly competitive and many new types of hits have been created.  


To conclude, tennis is a fun sport that involves racquets, tennis balls, a net, players, and a court. It requires quite a bit of skill to win tournaments, and the sport itself has evolved over the years.