Why Do People Get Scared?


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spooky scary pumpkin heads? eating all the candy! uh oh


Fear, is something that happens to a person when we experience something that happens like when there is a threat or something that gives people anxiety or makes people feel not safe around. When a person gets scared the body activates fight or flight sense which means the person either fights or runs away from whatever has made them scared. Some people like to get scared while other people don’t. Yet there are people who hate being scared but also enjoy it at the same time. It’s pretty weird huh?


For example, if two friends go into a haunted house and one of them has gone from screaming to laughing hysterically then that means they are thinking of when they got scared in a positive way. Fear creates a distraction so a lot of people enjoy being scared because it clears their mind for a little bit and they forget whatever was bothering them like all of the work they have to do and they focus on the thing scaring them. While some people enjoy being scared a lot of people in the world hate it. People most likely hate being scared because it feels too real, if someone who hates being scared went into a haunted house and got scared they will most likely get more scared then they are supposed to get because the experience feels real.


It’s different if the person has a disorder like PTSD or Anxiety disorder then they won’t like being scared because of the disorder. Another way people don’t like being scared is if they know it isn’t real and don’t get scared. If someone were to watch The Walking Dead they wouldn’t get scared because it might not trigger the emotional brain or it would just seem to unreal to them and not accurate in the real world. Being scared is something everyone can experience even if they might not like it everybody gets scared at least once in their life. Though, fear is just something that activates a person’s Fight or Flight sense and just creates distraction for some people in the world. Although, other people hate being scared because it doesn’t create a distraction for them, fear can also create disorder,trauma, and PTSD. A lot of people think that being scared is just something our mind creates to distract us from our daily life it is actually more complex and scientific than we think.