Should Computer Games Be Used For Classroom Instruction?


Ethan Y.

A student playing a game requiring teamwork during class; except he is playing by himself.

Computer games are something both kids and adults look forward to playing whether it’s at work or when you get home from school. These fun computer games are involved in a student’s learning experience, make a big impact on their career as a student, and make them want to go to school more and more. Computer games support a variety of things such as money and can teach students many skills to help them in their lifetime.

First of all, computer games can influence a child and make them want to continue playing the game. This could be beneficial to them and get more learning into their heads just by playing it. If the game is fun along with being useful, kids can learn a lot just by playing the game. Just like computer games can be, they can be addicting, and can get more learning into the students. As well, students have fun playing the game. Usually, students don’t look forward to school, but now they can have something to look forward to as they play the games. 

Additional, computer games can reduce the number of paper teachers use per day. On average a school staff uses about 28 million sheets of paper per year. Having computer games sometimes become another alternative to worksheets that can save a school’s paper as well as money. Money has a huge role in the school’s basic necessities. Therefore, instead of wasting the money on paper, it can be used for other important purposes for the school itself. 

Finally, computer games can teach students numerous skills. Although the main point of computer games is to educate students, it can also teach them numerous skills such as teamwork as well as winning and losing. Teamwork can help a student all throughout their life and using teamwork can make work more productive and efficient. Students can learn to get the task done in an organized way. In a recent study, teens around the age of 18 were better at visualizing and monitoring their surroundings. They were more aware of what was happening around them, thanks to video/computer games. 

Computer games are something that many teachers look down upon, however, they can be a big help in their classroom activity. As a matter of fact, computer games can teach students many things such as winning, losing and teamwork. Although it is a small thing, computer games can benefit a student and impact their school and career.