Lakers Big Success in 2019-2020 Season


via. Wikimedia

Dwight Howard in his jersey as he has returned to the Lakers this season

A few years ago, the Lakers were in a rebuilding age, not placing well in their conference at all. They weren’t expected to sign any big players, but then in the summer of 2018, the Lakers made one of the biggest moves in franchise history. They signed Lebron James, arguably the best basketball player in history. The year they signed Lebron, there wasn’t as much success as expected, but there were trade rumors of Anthony Davis coming to the Lakers. This brought a lot of attention towards the Lakers. Beforehand, Lebron James and Anthony Davis would talk about joining the Lakers. Many Lakers fans were hyped up about the fact that the Lakers would get a second Allstar. Over the Summer of 2019 is when history was made. The Lakers are one of the top franchises in the NBA and throughout all sports. They are known to spend a multitude of money on players and get the top players, and this year didn’t disappoint.

The Lakers are off to one of their best starts in franchise history. Lebron is back to his MVP self, and so is Anthony Davis. Even Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso made a name for themselves this season. Dwight Howard has accepted his role on the Lakers and has improved his game enough to help the Lakers. The Lakers had gone on a ten-game win streak in November. This is the most games won in a month by the Lakers in the past 20 years. The Lakers have the second-best chance to win the NBA Championship behind their city rivals, the Clippers. Former Lakers that were traded to the Pelicans are starting to play better and even agreed that they were not very comfortable on the Lakers, so clearly, they weren’t a great fit for the Lakers. Don’t forget about Demarcus Cousins, and arguably the best center in the league is still injured and could come back before the playoffs because of a torn ACL on his left knee. Along with success came higher ticket prices, which means more money for the entire organization.


   The Lakers success has been great this season and will only get better for the next few years as Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma keep on improving, Demarcus Cousins returning. The Lakers are picking up even more good players. Don’t expect the Lakers to slow down in the next few years as they will continue to get better, and probably have a finals appearance, and maybe even winning a championship.