The Problem with the Jacksonville Jaguars


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The Jacksonvilee Jaguars setting up to play the sport they are known for

Throughout 52 Super Bowls, only 12 teams have not lifted the Lombardi trophy. Among those 12, there are only 4 teams that have never even reached the Super Bowl. Those teams are, the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and last and least the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Texans get an excuse since they are only 17 years old, and Detroit won a Super Bowl before the championship was called a Super Bowl. The Browns have historically been horrible and often get the worst end of the draft. However, the Jaguars have repeatedly had potential and lost spectacularly. 

The Jaguars joined the NFL in the year of 1995. They showed great skill as a young team, making it to the conference championships in their second season, but lost to the New England Patriots. New England has proven to be the Jaguar’s kryptonite. Jacksonville’s latest playoff excursion was thwarted by the Patriots in the AFC Championships (basically the semi-finals). The Jaguars have a playoff record against the Patriots of 1-4. However, Jacksonville can’t blame all their problems on New England because injuries continue to rattle the team forcing bad players to start the game. 

2017 looked like a new hope for the Florida-based team, while not making it to the Super Bowl, Jacksonville showed great potential for the coming seasons. The 2018 season started off fairly well with Jacksonville starting 2-0. Everything went South after the Jaguar’s revenge, they lost a total of10 games. 

2019 was also looking up for the Jaguars, they drafted Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles. During one of the first plays snapped by the new quarterback, Foles was tackled and broke his collarbone. He was replaced by rookie Gardner Minshew. Minshew performed decently, but his mediocre playing wasn’t nearly enough to provide the Jags with a winning season. When Foles recovered, Jacksonville fans were hoping that he could salvage the season the way he did for the Eagles during the 2018 season, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Nick Foles started for the first time since Week 1 on Sunday against the Buccaneers, he proved ineffective. Unable to score a single point, the Jaguars fell behind 25-0 in the first half. They lost 28-11 after a brutal match. Gardner Minshew is to replace him as the starting quarterback.

Not to say that Foles is the only issue with the Jags. Doug Marrone, the Jaguar’s head coach, hasn’t done a wonderful job training the team either; he is expected to lose his job at the end of the season. Jacksonville’s previously good defense has also seemed dysfunctional this season. The defense gives up a multitude of points every game, straining the offense to catch up. 

Lacking every aspect of a professional team, the Jacksonville Jaguars continue to be an inept team. Unless the Jaguars can pull themselves together, they will be doomed to continuously have losing seasons.