How Does a President get Impeached?

The Senate is held by the Republican party, so impeachment is highly unlikely

via FiveThirtyEight

The Senate is held by the Republican party, so impeachment is highly unlikely

The current charges against President Trump are snowballing, causing problems for anyone connected to him.  Donald Trump had been using his presidential power to get dirt on former vice president, Joe Biden for the next presidential election by targeting Biden’s son. Biden’s son had been doing work in Ukraine, and Trump had accused him of suspicious activity there. Normally, this wouldn’t have been horrendous, but Trump decided to investigate this in a  fishy way. He contacted the president of Ukraine and paid him to look into Hunter Biden’s business there. This is an abuse of power which has lead up to the impeachment charges against the President.


Impeachment begins when the House comes to a to press charges against the president. This can be done by the approval of an impeachment resolution, or by a majority vote of the body’s members. The House Intelligence Committee had an investigation about Trump using his power to investigate in Ukraine to give himself an advantage. By the end of December, there may possibly be a full House impeachment vote. If the articles of impeachment are approved by the House, there will be a trial held in the Senate in which the House will act as prosecutors andenators as jurors.


For the Senate to convict Trump, (assuming that all 100 senators vote) they would need at least 20 Republicans, all of the Democrats, and the two Independents. In the unlikely case that Donald Trump is removed from office, Vice President Mike Pence would be president for the remainder of Trump’s term which ends on January 20th, 2021.


The reason that it is highly unlikely that Trump will be impeached is that his term is nearly over. The only reason to impeach Trump would be to ensure that he is  re-elected. If Donald Trump were impeached, that would make it so that people would not want to vote for him. If voters decided to support Trump again, the fact that he had been impeached previously would weigh him down, causing less people to vote for hi