Can Robots Teach Students in the Future?


Darrius H.

As technology advances, things like whiteboards may not be used in future classes.

Machines and robots may one day take the place of human teachers to help students learn the information they would need to learn in order to become successful in life. 

There are many different reasons to believe that robots may be better than humans at teaching children. With advancing technology, robots will be able to be upgraded with new features. On the other hand, there are many traits only humans have, that cannot be mimicked by a robot. Anthoney Seldon, a British historian and contemporary historian, predicts that robots will be replacing teachers by the year 2027. There are many people who doubt the possibility of robots replacing teachers, due to the fact that robots are not able to be as inspirational as human teachers. However, Seldon says that robots are able to be as inspirational, as these robots will be able to adapt to the individual students. Many schools may also be in favor of robotic teachers, as regular teachers can be very expensive. Robots on the other hand never need to be paid and would require very little attention to be able to function. All robots would also be built the same so that all of the students would have the same chances at higher schools, as some teachers may have better teaching methods than others. 

Many people may oppose the fact that all robots are built the same. There are also those who will find it harder to find a job if robots are able to do all the teaching that a school would require. Then there would be no real need to hire a teacher and the only possibility of hiring people would be people who are able to repair the robots if they were to ever get damaged. Many people would be able to argue that teachers are able to teach children how to think for themselves and teach them how to come up with new solutions for a specific problem. Robots would not be able to teach students how to be able to come up with new solutions, instead according to many people, the robots would say that the solution used to solve the problem is incorrect. 

Though there are many factors that would suggest that robots would not be able to educate students, there are also many reasons that robots would be able to teach students. Robots have proven to be able to perform better than humans. Robots have been able to replace a variety of finance experts, as well as being able to perform better than most doctors, and have been able to compete with advertisers. This factor shows that robots have an extremely high level of artificial intelligence. It is not impossible for robots to be able to take over teachers in the teaching industry, although it is, according to many people unlikely. This is due to the fact that many people have an opinion that robots will not be able to educate a student as well as a teacher, while on the other hand, many think that robots will be able to add many abilities and functions that teachers are not able to use.