Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil Review (with spoilers)

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After five years, Disney has finally released the sequel to the spin-off of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. The first movie had been about how Maleficent, a fairy, was mistreated by humans but later learns about love raising the child she had cursed. On October 18, 2019, the sequel was released, receiving 40% Rotten Tomatoes from the critics but loved by the audience with 95%. The main actors starring in the movie are Angelina Jolie, as Maleficent, Ella Fanning, as Aurora, and Michelle Pfieffer as Queen Ingrith.

Unfortunately, many people were disappointed, and the film earned less money than what was assumed. Maleficent cost 185 million dollars to make the movie and only had received 36 million dollars in the box office. Joker, which was a rated R movie, even earned way more money than the Disney sequel that was PG. Like many other live-action remakes of Disney’s movies, many think that the sequel to Maleficent was to just make some money and not capturing the “magic” Disney movies are known to create.

 (spoiler warning ahead)

   The movie begins when Prince Phillip, who lives in a neighboring kingdom near the Moors, proposes to Aurora. Maleficent immediately refuses to let Aurora marry Prince Phillip, knowing both the Moors and Phillip’s kingdom don’t get along. Aurora then tells her godmother to come with her to dinner with Phillip’s family, hoping to break the conflict between the Moors and humans. During the dinner, Phillip’s mother, Queen Ingrith grills Maleficent on all the bad things she has done in her past, including murdering King Stephen and cursing Aurora. Maleficent loses her temper, blasting magic that supposedly kills the king. Ashamed, Maleficent flees, allowing Gerda, Queen Ingrith’s servant, to shoot her with an iron bullet. Luckily, a creature that looks like Maleficent, named Conall, saves her taking her to his nest. Maleficent learns that there are more fairies like her known as the Dark Fae, who have become endangered due to humans. They think Maleficent can end the conflict between the humans and fairies since she is the last descendant from the Phoenix, a powerful ancestor.

Meanwhile, at Phillip’s castle, Aurora prepares for her wedding but feels like she doesn’t belong with humans since she is not free and always dressed up. Becoming suspicious of the queen, Aurora explores the castle finding out that Queen Ingrith poisoned the king herself and killed Moor folk for her kingdom’s benefit. The queen locks Aurora up, planning to kill all the magical creatures with deadly red dust. Maleficent and the Dark Fae fly to Queen Ingrith and her troops starting the war. She almost kills the queen but sees Aurora and feels bad for disappointing her goddaughter. While Maleficent and Aurora reconcile, Queen Ingrith shoots Maleficent with an iron arrow killing her. Aurora sobs, and her tears drop on Maleficent’s ashes turning Maleficent into a big Phoenix. The queen is turned into a goat as punishment. Prince Phillip and Aurora finally get married, and the conflict between the Moors and humans break as both worlds find peace.

Overall, the movie was rather flat and not a well thought out plot. Introducing the Dark Fae seemed unnecessary, causing a few plot holes and a few of the main characters like Aurora, played a rather non-important small role in the film. Angelina Jolie seemed like a stone when playing Maleficent, making the movie less intriguing than it already was. It is clear the sequel was not as good as the first movie, and Disney’s new remakes seem to be losing people’s interest and the charm the movies used to have.