New Albums Of 2019


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Music is a thing that people have enjoyed for hundreds, even thousands of years. The first forms of instruments were made with sticks, rocks, and animal skin. Instruments evolved over time to make different types of sounds. With these new sounds, came new forms of music and musicians. Musicians, the people who create the ever so amazing sounds and music. Now, today, in modern times, music is used in everyday life. People listen to music while getting ready for school or work, driving in the car, or just doing nothing. 

There are many genres of music and the artist who made the music of those genres have been hard at work making new albums and songs for the everyday consumer. In the genre of rap, some of the new albums this year are as follows,  The Search by NF, Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone, and GINGER by BROCKHAMPTON. The Search by NF was released on July 26, 2019, and can be summed up as rap about his faith, Christianity. Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone was released on September 6, 2019,  some say what can be described as the music/songs being depressing, but still upbeat. GINGER by BROCKHAMPTON was released on August 26, 2019, and is claimed to show a sense of maturity sense their older albums. 

For the genre of pop, many new albums have and are being released, including thank u, next by Ariana Grande, Lover by Taylor Swift, and K-12 by Melanie Martinez. thank u. The album thank u, next was released on February 8 and is primarily about breakups, and how they made her better as a person. Lover by Taylor Swift was released on August 23 and features the songs “ME!(featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)” and “You Need To Calm Down”. K-12 by Melanie Martinez was released on September 6 and is about her character, Crybaby getting sent to an overnight school where the evil principle controls all of the students. The album K-12 is also a movie that was written and directed by Melanie Martinez. 

In the genre of rock, there is a large variety of new and different albums such as How It Feels To Be Lost by Sleeping With Sirens, FANDOM by Waterparks, and amo by Bring Me To The Horizon. How It Feels To Be Lost by Sleeping With Sirens was released on September 6, and most of it was written about the lead singer, Kellin Quinn’s childhood. FANDOM by Waterparks was released on October 11 and it’s been described as energetic despite some of the sad lyrics. amo by Bring Me To The Horizon was released on January 25 and isn’t like their other albums because most of the songs on amo are softer compared to their other albums. 

Two more genres with new albums are alternative and metal. Blink-182, one of the most famous alternative bands released their album and their album Nine was released on September 20. Another alternative band is AJR and they released their album Neotheater on April 26. AJR hs been around since 2005, but in around 2015, the band got more popular. I Prevail, a metal band released their album Trauma on March 29. I Prevail was formed in 2013 and gained popularity after covering a Taylor Swift song.