New Kraemer Principal, Mr. Young

Mr. Young, the new principal here at Kraemer Middle School in his office

Caitlyn C.

Mr. Young, the new principal here at Kraemer Middle School in his office

Mr. Young is the new principal for Kraemer Middle School. He was born in La Mirada, California but grew up in Placentia. He has been working with PYLUSD for around 13 years, including this 2019-2020 school year. 


When it comes down to food Mr. Young loves to eat at In-n-Out and craves warm brownies with vanilla ice cream. He played baseball, favorited his language arts classes, and loves every type of music except for country. He attended Brookhaven Elementary, Tuffree Middle School, and El Dorado High School. He has taught seventh grade for many years so, if he were to choose, he would want to try teaching eighth grade. During his childhood he wanted to be a doctor, however, getting to know the “behind the scenes” of teachers and the learning program in general had inspired him to turn a different direction in his career path. 


Mr. Young loves to spend time with his kids Logan and Vale. Logan is six years old and Vale is four. Recently, his family adopted a kitten named Frankie. Mr. Young would love to visit Australia. Specifically, he would like to see the Great Barrier Reef which is located along the coastline of Australia.


One day while teaching a class, a man from an organization named “Peace Corps” came and told the students his story with the government agency. He explained that, while getting paid, he got to travel the world and help people in need in certain countries that weren’t as provided. After that, Mr. Young’s life changed. He was completely invested and was 100% for it.


When he was younger he was very fortunate and had everything handed to him. When he learned about the other side of the world and how they didn’t have the same kind of life as he did, he wanted to give back to feel at least some peace. Although he knew the underprivileged people would never get the same childhood as he did, he thought that he could change some  lives. He got in touch with a Peace Corps volunteer and was feeling very inspired. He was assigned to a country named Lesotho and helped with the education there. When he helped teach the kids in Lesotho, he was there for two years and had the best time. If he had the chance, he would go back there for another two years. 


Mr. Young is very content with everything that has happened in his life. From his early childhood to his current life as a principal, he feels blessed to have the life that was given to him.