ASB Life

Mr.Castro and Caitlyn C. in front of the library during 6th period.

Celine K.

Mr.Castro and Caitlyn C. in front of the library during 6th period.


The ASB here at Kraemer serves a big role in Kraemer Middle School. The ASB, Associated Student Body, students plan the school’s dances, activities, assemblies, fundraisers, and the overall presentation of the school. ASB makes Kraemer exciting and fun because they plan all of the school’s activities. ASB is very important because, without these students, the Kraemer wouldn’t be the school that it is today.

Mr. Castro. is the advisor of the activities PEER Leadership and ASB at Kraemer. He manages the activities, assemblies, and more. PEER Leadership is a class in which seventh graders can only participate in. Ethan Y. and Caitlyn C. say that “A regular day in ASB is discussing upcoming events, such as ideas for school dances and fundraisers, and they also advertise them by occasionally making posters and posting on their social media.” Being in ASB means that they must be committed to the activities and open to meeting and introducing new people. 

In October, it is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Most ASB students come to school early in the morning to help paint pink breast cancer ribbons on others and temporarily spray their hair. During lunchtime, Kraemer they hold lunchtime activities. Lunchtime activities are completely run by ASB and Castro. They come up with games and people at lunch can play them. They have various games such as water balloon games, relay races, and more. When students  participate in these games, they can win prizes such as candy, Kraemer cards, or 5-star points on their ID to win other prizes of their choice. During lunch, ASB and PEER Leadership also play music for both seventh and eighth graders so that they can have enjoyable music during their lunchtime. Also, ASB comes up with dress-up days at school such as what to wear for red ribbon week, pajama days, twin day, spirit days, and more. 

Although very time-consuming and a huge commitment, Kraemer would not be the fun, activity-filled school that is is today. The Associated Student Body here at Kraemer, I think, is one of the best because the students are so committed to the school and try their very best to make the activities and more fun-filled for the other students here a Kraemer. We thank ASB for making our school eventful and giving other students something to look forward to when they come to Kraemer!