Why Fortnite is Bad for Kids


Ethan Y.

An addicted teenager glued to his screen playing the game Fortnite.

The game called Fortnite is a well-known game around the world. It is a battle royale type game that lasts until there is only one person standing left. The game includes strategy, building, and attacking. The popular game was released in 2016, and ever since then, over 250 million people have played the game. Many kids loved the action-packed game because they said it looks so real. Even today, both kids and adults play the game making the fun never end. However, recently parents are starting to worry about their kids for the game.

One of the main reasons why Fortnite is terrible for kids is because of the effects on their health. Because of Fortnite, kids have started to begin staying inside their rooms and not coming out to exercise. Instead of going outside and playing sports with their friends, they just sit in a chair with chips and a drink. They are not exercising, causing them to gain more weight. Not only that, but it is affecting their brains. Playing too much video games causes brain rotting, which affects academics. It slows down the thinking process and makes them not think about school.

Another reason why Fortnite is affecting children is because it rots the brain. Like any other addicting game, Fortnite is a game that never gets old. Every day, over 100 million kids get on the game even if it means a school day. Because of this, since kids are so addicted to the game, it causes the child to change moods very quickly. They can be excited at one moment, and the next moment they can be in a fight with their parents. The science behind this is because the kid is so engaged with the game, that when their siblings or parents try to ask them a question, they will ignore them. And from there on, chaos happens.

To wrap it up, Fortnite is an entertaining game. You get to play with your friends,  have fun with the strategy in the game, and just enjoy everything overall. However, Fortnite has been a negative impact on kids. It makes them less active and rots their brains. The effect of this is having a short temper or causing fights with your family. Also, it affects the kid by making them do poorly in school. Once a kid gets addicted to this game, they start skipping out on assignments and begin to get bad grades. Because of this, Fortnite can ruin the lifestyles of kids as well as parents.