Why Fake Spider Webs Aren’t Such a Good Idea

Pumpkins have been an iconic symbol of Halloween with many kids using pumpkin themed buckets to hold candy in.

Chase K.

Pumpkins have been an iconic symbol of Halloween with many kids using pumpkin themed buckets to hold candy in.

Halloween is a truly fabulous holiday, and with awesome and creative costumes, loads of candy, as well as the amazing Halloween decorations for houses. Some popular decorations include fake spiders, tombstone sets, and also pumpkins, an iconic figure in the Halloween world. Another large decoration that people put up during Halloween is fake spider webs in trees.

While fake spider webs can be fun and spooky during Halloween, it isn’t all good, especially for animals or wildlife. One of these reasons is because these spider webs can trap wildlife. Animals can become entangled in the mess of white cotton fluff and must escape in order to survive. 

Incidents like this have already happened, and more of these fatal events are sure to come if these decorations continue to be put up. To some small animals or critters, fake spider webs can feel like concrete as they are not strong enough to free themselves. Recently, an owl flew into one of these messy decorations. One company named Wildcare treated this unfortunate animal and released it once it was okay and healthy. Not only owls can get stuck in this mess. Birds, hummingbirds, and bees are a be part of the casualties of this.

In the year 2017, some bees became tangled up in one man’s arbor, and he had to go through some effort to get them free. “This is the time of year that rehabilitators receive numerous animals caught in these decorations, from songbirds to chipmunks and everything in between,” announced Kathyrn Dudeck, a director at a nature center in Georgia. Other people are also concerned about this growing-but-mostly-ignored issue. According to Chantal Thejin, birds that fly in are usually caught by these dangerous traps. Thejin also says that some birds are very, very light, and they do not have the strength to free themselves from these glue-like traps. Chantal Thejin also recently weighed a golden-crowned kinglet. Weighing only a mere 5.9 grams, these birds have a tiny chance of escaping this type of “webby” demise. People have also come across many animals, from chipmunks to birds caught in fake spider webs. 

To prevent the toll that these fun but dangerous decorations are taking on the environment, people must mind where they put it or if they put it up at all. These cautions can help save many animals’ lives.