An All-Natural 910 pound Boat

Two men in a pumpkin boat racing on a lake to the finish line.


Two men in a pumpkin boat racing on a lake to the finish line.

Every farmer grows crops and sells them at a local farmers market or to a store. This farmer did something extraordinary and a bit odd… he turned this pumpkin into a boat instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern.


Justin Ownby is a farmer in Cleveland, Tennessee. He had an ambitious goal of growing a pumpkin the size of Godzilla’s baby. Even though it never reached his dream size, it still got pretty large. He got the seed from the record-breaking pumpkin in Tennessee, which won last year. When he got the seed in his hand, he treated it like his son. He covered it from the heat and protected it from the squash beetles. He planted the seed in May, and he waited until Monday, October 21. It was the pumpkin’s moment of being famous.


When the pumpkin was done growing, Ownby started prepping it for some pumpkin surgery. He cut two connecting holes in the top of the squash and started clawing and harvesting the seeds of the pumpkin. The pumpkin was ready. He took his wife and kids to a pond on their property, and he set sail in his hollow pumpkin shell with an oar in his hand.


 “He chose a spot where the water ran off easily, keeping it cool in the heat of the day, keeping it watered and making sure that squash beetles didn’t overtake it,” Christin Ownby, Justin’s wife told WTVC. She also told News Channel ABC 9, “He has tried for four years to grow giant pumpkins. This year is his biggest, at 910 pounds. We do this on our farm in Cleveland. We occasionally grow lots of pumpkins, but this year, he put all of his work into the one.”


 After having some fun the pumpkin, they left the pumpkin for fish food. They kept checking on the pumpkin regularly to see how long it will last. The Ownbys’ hoped that the pumpkin would win second place in the fair, but due to a family event, the squash never had a chance. Next year, the family has hope and dreams of growing a pumpkin that weighs 1,000 pounds.