Breaking 2 Hours


via. Wright-Patterson

Eluid K. starts his 26.2 mile race for breaking the world record

Eluid Kipchoge is a professional runner that runs at an insane speed, but at a certain pace. Eluid was born on November 5, 1984 in Kenya, Africa. Everyday as a kid, Eluid said “he would always run 10 miles every day since his school was always 5 miles away.” No matter how hot, cold, or rainy it was, Eluid would always run to school just for a better education. People always asked Eluid how does he do it, and he would always respond with the word “practice and perseverance.” Every week, Eluid runs over 30 miles a week. The reason for this is because he spends most of his time running during the day and night. 

Ever since Eluid graduated from school, he realized how good he was at running, and decided to become a professional runner. He travels everywhere around the world just to run a race, meet other people, and represent his country. After finishing the race, Eluid gets to go home with almost $1 million in his pocket. With the money he earned, Eluid is considered a millionaire in his country. He uses this money to buy food and clothes for his family.  

Throughout Eliud’s running career, he has won many races. They were mostly marathons and half marathons. So far, Eliud Kipchoge has won 12/13 (92.3%) of the marathons he has ever raced. His pace for every mile he does is around 4:30. This means that every mile he runs for a race, he stays at a consistent pace, he doesn’t get slower each time he finishes a mile. It’s amazing how Eliud can do this.

Recently, Eluid broke the world record for the fastest marathon time. He did this by pacing pacers that ran in front of him so he could keep his pace the same. There was also a mini water drink that helped him try to break the record. And because of this, he set a new record. It is still debatable because it was only flat course usually marathons have more than just running. His goal to beat the original record was 2 hours, Eliud got 1:59:40. This means that Eluid is so far the world’s fastest runner in the world. No matter how many professional runners try to be as good as him, they will never be at his running level. Eliud Kipochoge trains every single day not like any other person.