Astros History


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Astros at Orioles giving high fives each other showing good sportsmanship

The Astros have been around in the MLB for a long time now. The team started with the name, Colt .45s in 1962 when they first entered the league. They changed their name to the Houston Astros in 1965 because they thought it would signify and a new step in Houston baseball. They went many years without getting to the World Series, but that changed in 2005.The Astros lost the World Series against the Chicago White Sox in four games.

The Astros first came into the American League in 2013, after being a part of the National League for many years. They joined the AL to balance out the divisions and to create a rivalry between the Texas Rangers which is another Texas  team In 2017 the Astros went back to the World Series and won against the Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games. Last year they got eliminated by Boston in the American League championship series to go to the World series.

Now back  to the 2019 World Series against the Washington D.C Nationals. In order to get to the World Series, he Astros faced the New York Yankees in the American League Championship and beat them in 6 games. Favored as the team to win, the Astros, with home-field advantage, lost the first two games to the Nationals.  When the series moved to D.C. the Astros exacted their revenge and won the next three.  As the series moved back to Houston, it looked like a guaranteed Houston World Series win. But in a hard-fought battle, the Nationals took the next two games and won the World Series.  The Astros  will look to make another run in 2020, but much will depend on how much of the team they will be able to hang onto in the off-season.The Houston Astros have also many accomplishments They became the first team to win a pennant in both the AL and NL. The state of Texas has only won one World Series title and that is due to the efforts of the Astros. When they were put into the AL they wanted them to be rivals with the Texas Rangers, but instead, the Astros ended up surpassing them and became the more popular Texas baseball team. The Houston Astros have come a long way and they still have a long way to go to show the MLB that they belong. They have also shown that they belong in Texas as an AL team and that they are one of the best teams in baseball.