The Most Philanthropic Club

8th grader, Malachi Z. working hard and representing K2K, and making a difference for others.

Caitlyn C.

8th grader, Malachi Z. working hard and representing K2K, and making a difference for others.

Since the school year is fully underway, all of Kraemer’s numerous clubs have kicked off. Some of these clubs include sports with Jesse (Really football though), Distance Runners, Strings Club, Speech and Debate, and NJHS Math Tutoring, etc. However, one club stands apart from the rest. This is the K2K club (K2K stands for Kraemer to Kids).

So, what is the K2K club? The club focuses on giving to the less fortunate. They collect clean, unopened food that has been placed in the blue coolers at lunch and takes that food to H.I.S. house (a homeless shelter right here in Placentia). This food will feed homeless men, women, and children. However students don’t necessarily need to be in K2K to help with the club’s cause, students just need to put clean, unopened food in the blue coolers at first and second lunch.

All right, but why should the students of Kraemer join K2K? If helping and feeding hundreds, or maybe even thousands of homeless people weren’t enough incentive to join this club full of Samaritans, taking part in K2K also logs community service hours (these can be helpful when students promote to high school, as they are required to graduate). However, these community service hours aren’t long and tedious, students can enjoy themselves while participating in a club that will benefit them later in life. Some other perks of joining K2K are: treats at the meetings, getting to do morning announcements, and getting to hang out with friends while on the cooler squad (the 7th graders who bring out the coolers, and the eighth-graders who bring them to the teachers’ lounge). K2K can also teach middle schoolers leadership skills (so it could help students who want to join ROTC in high school or ASB in eighth grade). If any students want to join the club but  don’t want to interrupt their after school schedule, there are no worries there as K2K meets at PRIDE on Fridays. Staff can take part in this club by volunteering to take the blue coolers to H.I.S. House. The club is hosted by Mrs. Petersen (Room 606) and is ran by Malachi Zapata. 

Joining K2K is a great way to help others who are less fortunate than most kids that attend Kraemer. If someone does want to join K2K or their schedule is too tight (or they just want to play Clash Royale on Fridays) they can still place their clean, unopened food in those blue coolers during the 1st and 2nd lunch. In the words of the K2K club, “Keep up the kindness Kraemer.”