Places to Visit in Miami


S. Jayakar

A sneak peak of the amazing and wonderful views in Miami!!

Miami is a great place to kick back and relax and hang out with your family and friends. Like many other very populated cities, there are many tourists attractions. Miami is among the top 50 biggest cities in area which leaves a lot of room for hotels, amusement parks, statues, and many other fun places to visit. 

Miami Beach is a huge tourist attraction. Since Miami Beach contains other places in it, those will also be included in this article. Many hotels are located on the side of the beach with many tourists. There are a variety of activities from water sports, parks, and even aerial tours. There are many water sports like parasailing, speed boating, and jet skiing. There are different companies that offer these activities. One place many people love to go just to relax and enjoy time with their family is South Pointe Park. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Throughout the day, there are always people exercising, walking the pier, taking pictures of the beautiful ocean, or just sitting on a bench cherishing the view. When it comes to the aerial tour, there are a few choices for travel. One way that is more popular than others is a helicopter. This will leave people in awe. You will get a view of Miami that is very different than anyone has ever seen before. There are many advantages such as no traffic, no crowds to walk through, and best of all, not having to either walk for hours or drive a car in risk of an accident. Once again, there are a variety of companies that offer different prices for different times. Another option is a seaplane. Similar to the helicopter, it gives  atour of all of Miami, but to add on to this, it also can act like a boat on the water by gliding on it.

For people who enjoy science and learning, then the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. This Museum consist of four different buildings, the aquarium, frost planetarium, and the north and south wings. As people may assume, the aquarium contains a variety of colorful fish that range in size and shape. They also have other animals from different habitats in the ocean like dolphins, turtles, and other aquatic animals. Now, some people may or may not have heard of a frost planetarium, which could be very interesting to many people, considering it is something that not that many people have heard of. The Frost Planetarium is a 16 million color 8k projection screen  and a room which can seat up to 250 visitors. The screen shows a series of images that are taken from outer space and show different parts of the Earth.

Miami, The Magic City, clearly is a great place for vacation whether it be a family vacation, vacation with one other person, or just a vacation with one person, it can fulfill anyone’s need of a vacation. It is obvious on why people vacation there every year, and at any time of the year.