Invasive Aedes Mosquitos


Via. VCStar

An Aedes Mosquito getting ready to go and suck blood


The Californian city Orange County is currently under attack by an invasive species of mosquitoes called Aedes. This specific species only fly low to the ground. Therefore they are harder to spot before getting bit. They only go for targets that aren’t moving. The Aedes mosquito is black with white stripes, and these mosquitoes are active during the day and are indoors. A way to check if they are laying eggs within a house is to always check the planters with still water in them. They like to lay eggs around the edges. Another way is to see if any of the little ones are swimming in the water.

The Aedes mosquito was first discovered in San Diego county, and are divided into two different types of mosquitoes, called the “Aedes aegypti” and the “Aedes albopictus.” The first mosquito called the Aedes aegypti has a high chance of carrying a deadly disease called yellow fever. The nickname of this mosquito is even called the Yellow Fever mosquito. To avoid the eggs from being laid inside of a house just empty all the water from planters once a week so that if there are eggs they will be washed out. These mosquitoes are always hungry and will aggressively attack until it gets blood. These new mosquitoes are increasing the chances of getting zika, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya which are life-threatening diseases. The last time there was a deadly disease like these was the West Nile disease. This was only transferred once, and after 50 years, passed no one else had gotten bit. These diseases are only eligible for being transferred to humans if it was currently gathering blood from an animal that had the disease inside of its blood. So far, none of these diseases have been entered into California except for the West Nile.

The reason that the mosquitos are feasting on humans because the females need blood for their eggs. When the mosquito is taking a break it will hide in closed spaces such as closets or other dark places. Always make sure that planters are empty and are eligible for reuse without getting an infestation of mosquitoes.