Student Spotlight: Abigail P.

Abigail P. smiling while her profile photo is being taken.


Abigail P. smiling while her profile photo is being taken.

Abigail P., or Abby, is an 8th grader currently attending Kraemer Middle School.  Before she came to Kraemer, she was attending Golden Elementary. Abby doesn’t miss much from elementary school because she loves Kraemer so much.  She has met many new people and made many friends since elementary school. One of the reasons why she likes Kraemer so much is that there are so many new people she has never met before, and she can make many new friends.  Another reason why she likes Kraemer is that there so many electives and extracurricular activities to choose from, making school more fun. Abby has made many of her friends through Kraemer and continues to talk with her old friends from elementary school.


Abby is of Korean descent, and she likes Korean food such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes).  Her favorite drink is boba tea because she likes a lot of different textures and flavors. She is Christian, and she goes to a church called Living Hope, her favorite person is also Jesus.  She has visited Park City in Utah on multiple occasions, and it is now her favorite place to go on vacation. She loves to go to church because she can learn about Jesus and talk with her church friends.  She likes Living Hope so much because it is a very open and welcoming church. Many of her friends from Living Hope are very supportive, and she has made some of her best friends there.


Her hobby is digital art because she can make drawings without as many materials and she can do it anywhere.  Abby loves her friends and she talks with them as much as she can. Her pet peeve is people who read slowly and leave in the middle of a conversation.  She used to have a few pet fish which sadly died soon after she got them. Being from a family of five, she has an older sister named Tobi, a younger brother named Luke, a mom named Helen, and a dad named David.  While her younger brother Luke can be a bit of a handful, he can brighten up her day sometimes. Being her older sister, Tobi sometimes gets in fights with Abby, but they still always stick together in hard times.  Her parents, Helen and David, are very supportive and caring no matter what Abby does.


Abby is a very kind and talkative person, if you see her on campus, be sure to say hi!