Best Places to Visit in Seoul

Seoul- Capital of South Korea with an amazing view and many skyscrapers

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Seoul- Capital of South Korea with an amazing view and many skyscrapers

Seoul. The largest city and capital of South Korea. It’s the home of half the population in the country and is one of the leading and global cities in the world. It is a sprawling beautiful city made up of modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, street markets, and more. However, there are too many fabulous locations to visit in just a short vacation. But, there are some locations to tour around through that one must visit when in Seoul. 

If anyone asked what amusement park to visit in South Korea, the definite answer would be Lotte World. Lotte World is surrounded by a huge entertainment and shopping complex, aquariums and a water park, Korean culture museums, and finally luxurious hotels. The main theme parks are Lotte World Adventure, the world’s largest indoor amusement park and Magic Island, an artificial island located just outside. Both are filled with unique and remarkable attractions and rides. Some popular rides include the French Revolution, a thrill ride which VR headsets are provided to make the experience more enjoyable. Another is Gyro Drop, a free-fall drop ride, which has a height of 305 feet, the equivalent of 27 stories and has a drop speed of 72 miles per hour.

Another place to visit is the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which means “palace greatly blessed by Heaven”. It is one of the most iconic and well-known places in South Korea due to its history. The palace was constructed in the Joseon Dynasty and was the heart and center of power. This beautiful place is filled with stories and events and was made into a museum of Korean history and culture. Today, tourists are able to visit the palace and experience Korean culture and learn about the history of the Joseon Dynasty. They can also view the elegant and beautiful pavilions, gardens, gates, and enjoy the view of the amazing architecture. There is also a Changing of the Royal Guard Ceremony, where tourists can experience a rare and traditional scene in Korea since the ceremony is reenacted in exactly the same way. 

Last but not least, Myeongdong. This is a shopper’s paradise and is one of the best shopping places in South Korea, filled with vendor shops to huge shopping departments. This place features Korea’s best and savory foods and sweets, and of course, cosmetics, beauty obsessed Korea. The center and heart of this consumerist heaven is Myeongdong Shopping Street, a stretch of fashion and cosmetics store, a couple of Korean restaurants scattered, and in between, vendors. Tourists can experience the chaotic wonder where people are bustling about, electronic billboards advertisements, the smell of delicious food, and more. In Myeongdong, the best Korean food are all available, and people can enjoy shopping or can look around these giant stores, and in all, experience Korea’s wondrous atmosphere and culture. 

Spanning from amusement parks to shopping paradises to Korean museums, these are all amazing and stunning places in Seoul, but these are only a few out of the hundreds that can show South Korea’s beautiful capital the way it truly is.