Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Chhe

This is a photo of Mrs. Chhe in front of her classroom.

Sharon C.

This is a photo of Mrs. Chhe in front of her classroom.

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Chhe

   Mrs. Chhe is a very passionate teacher at Kraemer Middle School. She teaches Math ⅞, 8th grade AVID, and a small group of kids for Computer Applications. This is her 6th year at Kraemer and has loved the time she has been at Kraemer teaching. She appreciates how Kraemer is a big community of students, their parents and staff. This year, she looks forward to a more balanced life with school and her family.


   She enjoys the Halloween season because her children have a great time on the holiday. Since she likes Halloween a lot, her favorite sweet treat is either Mexican candy or a Hershey’s milk chocolate with almonds. In the near future, Mrs. Chhe wants to visit countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia with her husband since she and her husband have family members that live there. Some of these family members they have never met before. If she could go back in time and change a world problem, she would want to fix the power hungry rulers that once ruled. She would want to fix this problem because she has lost many relatives due to wars like the Cambodian Genocide. She lived her childhood without many of her family members and now is scared to lose her family and loved ones to this.


  Mrs. Chhe believes her most unique personality trait are her patience and sympathy. Her favorite sports to watch and play are tennis and softball since she enjoys the amount of teamwork there is and she had played these sports during her time in high school. When Mrs. Chhe was in school, her favorite classes to be in high school were art and drafting, a class mostly about architecture. Overall, Mrs. Chhe is very excited for this new school year and many years to come.