Student Spotlight: Sidney F.

This is a photo of Sidney F. taken by her mother Charity.

Charity F.

This is a photo of Sidney F. taken by her mother Charity.

Sidney F. is currently a 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School. She attended kindergarten through third grade at Imperial Elementary School and fourth grade through sixth grade at John O. Tynes. Her favorite classes at Kraemer are either Language Arts with Ms. Smith or Peer Leadership with Mr. Castro, which is one of her electives along with Choir. Sidney has a zero period, allowing her to leave school forty-five minutes before many students. 

Sidney was born in Huntington Beach, raised in Anaheim for her first nine years, and now lives in Placentia, California. She got her name from Sidney Crosby, a player on the Pittsburgh Penguins because she and her family have an immense love for hockey. She lives with her mom Charity, her dad Bryan, and her younger brother and sister Camryn and Lucas, making it a family of five. Sidney loves that her family is very open about many things. 

In her free time, Sidney can usually be found at home, scrolling through her social media on her phone, or playing a game on her computer. If she isn’t at home, then she could be found at school making hundreds, if not, thousands of jokes with her friends. Sidney describes her friends as “hilarious, accepting, kinda crazy (but I am too).” Her friends would describe her as a cool, easygoing, and a nice person. She dislikes summer because “it gets hot and uncomfortable” and would rather be in school all summer, rather than be in the intense heat. Sidney also despises bugs, which contributes to her dislike of summer.

Sydney admitted that she wants to be a therapist when she grows up because she wants to be a therapist when she grows up because she wants to help people. She hopes to make enough money to support her future family and give her future children a better life. A thing she misses about elementary school is longer breaks and lunches. Sidney’s favorite genres of music are mostly rap, rock, and pop. Her favorite band of all time is Twenty Øne Piløts. Her favorite album from Twenty Øne Piløts is Blurryface.  

Sidney stated that she would prefer to be a turtle over any animal in the world because they live a long time. Turtles can live to be over eighty years old, which is longer than the average female life expectancy, which is about 79 years old. Sidney is learning American Sign Language. She wants to learn ASL to help people who are deaf in case of an emergency. Overall, Sidney is a nice friend, an outstanding student, and an interesting person.