SpaceX Presentation: Starship and BFR

SpaceX's CEO, Elon Musk, announces his plans on colonizing Mars.

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SpaceX's CEO, Elon Musk, announces his plans on colonizing Mars.

It’s that time of year again… Yup another starship presentation from Elon Musk himself. If handling Tesla and SolarCity wasn’t enough, get a load of this. Recently on September 28, 2019, SpaceX held a presentation on their newest thing a ma jig, Star Ship, and BFR (Big Falcon Rocket). The SUPER DUPER SPACE SHIP will be Elon’s latest chapter in the voyage to Mars. Elon’s newest plan is to set up a new system of transport that will be known as Starship and BFR, that will be used for routine missions to the moon, fast travel around the earth, and the most ambitious of the other two, the first chapter of human colonization to Mars.

The idea is to set a checkpoint at first and later, a full-on voyage. If NASA does not go and do it first, SpaceX plans to set up a lunar outpost to be a checkpoint or rest stop before setting off for Mars. The Moon has several resources, valuable to humanity’s mission to Mars. Ice pockets have been found on the moon. Ice can make water and hydrogen/air, and rocket fuel. These reasons, in particular, make the Moon such a wonderfully vibrant place for future human expansion into the known universe.

The increasing threat of global warming and an excess amount of greenhouse gasses being produced have left several to speculate the future of this giant, but small chunk of rock on which people live. To combat the inevitable, many space companies and organizations have set out plans to “set sail” to the red planet. Star Ship, the actual spaceship part, will house several human beings as well as valuables and supplies like food, water, and oxygen. BFR is the “launcher” and will have several raptor engines. Raptor engines are a SpaceX creation and will be some of the most powerful engines made. Star Ship itself will have at least three Monster Raptor engines to propel it to Mars.

Well, a frequently asked question is, of course, how will people breathe on that remote planet? Well, senor Musk has an answer for this. Elon believes that we should nuke the polar ice caps on Mars to melt them and create an atmosphere on the red planet breathable to humans. Then these Space Companies would send crews to grow plants to inhale carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Farfetched? Apparently not to the South African Billionaire.

StarShip one and two are currently being made along with a prototype that has already been tested. StarShip will have its first test flight sometime in 2020.