MLB Playoffs


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One of the stadiums that the World Series teams played in

Every year, ten baseball teams compete to be the best MLB team in the league. Three teams from each side of the league (American and National League) go straight to the division series. The other four teams come from the two teams that didn’t win the division. Other than the standings in each individual division with five teams each. There are standings between all the other teams that are not in the top spot of their division, called the wild card standings. The top two teams from the wild card standings are the two wild card teams from the league that make it to the playoffs. The two wild card teams from each league play against each other to play the best team in either the American League or the National League. From here, it’s pretty straight forward, the winner of each series starting from the division series to the Championship series to the World Series. 


The teams from the National League this year consisted of the Dodgers, Braves and Cardinals and the two Wild Card teams were the Nationals and the Brewers. The Nationals defeated the Brewers 4-3 which meant that the Nationals would go up against the Dodgers. The Dodgers and Nationals went back and forth splitting the series 2 wins a piece. Both teams were battling hard, each game and it all came down to game 5 in Los Angeles. Although the Dodgers led the game three to one through the first 7 innings and then Clayton Kershaw allowed back-to-back home runs which tied the game. The game went into extra innings. The Dodgers brought in Joe Kelly in the 9th and allowed a go-ahead grand slam in the 10th inning, which led to the Nationals winning 7-3. The Braves on the other hand were put up against the Cardinals. They also went to a game 5 and the Cardinals jumped on the Braves early with 10 runs in the first inning. After that, the Cardinal’s pitcher, Jack Flaherty held the lead and advanced to the championship series. The Nationals are put up against the Braves in the National League Championship series.


The powerhouses of the MLB, Astros, Yankees, and Twins, are all in the American League and each of these teams had 100 or more wins. The Yankees were put up against the Twins. The Yankees saw the Twins as an easy way to advanced even though it should have been a close series. The Yankees obliterated the Twins and swept them 3-0. The Astros and Rays was supposed to be a quick series. SUre enough, the Astros take game one and two. The Rays went to Tampa Bay (which is their home field) in hopes of keeping their playoff dreams alive. The Rays were up against Zack Grienkie, a former Cy Young award winner, and led the league in ERA once. Astros fans were exhilarated to see the Astros advance to the American League Championship Series. The Rays, on the other hand, were ready to upset them, whether the Rays go down the next day, they weren’t going down without a fight. The Astros took an early 1st inning lead. The Rays quickly answered with 3 in the 2nd and kept on piling on the runs from their. The Rays ended up winning the game 10-3. Although game 3 was thought to be a for sure win for the Astros, game 4 was an even greater chance that the Astros could win. They had arguably the best pitcher in baseball on the mound. Justin Verlander. He was always an all-star, but never an MVP level player. In 2017 though, he nearly retired. Then he was traded to the Astros which was the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he is an elite pitcher pitching in a big game. Despite the odds, the Rays somehow managed to defeat the Astros after scoring three runs in the 1st which tied the series two to two. Finally, the Astros were able to close out the series with a six to one win..


This year, there has been an upset to the second best team in baseball, a team just walking over another team of equal talent, and close games every time out on the field. 2019 baseball playoffs will be different than the past few years, the Dodgers are not in the World Series, and two teams with 100 or more wins lost in the first round. It is still mid-October, there is still much more drama to go down in the MLB Playoffs.