Sending Internet into Space

Satellites play an essential role in providing people with access to the internet.

via. Pixabay

Satellites play an essential role in providing people with access to the internet.

Even the thought of people going into space was impossible in the 1950s, but that all changed the moment that Yuri Gagarin went into space. From there, satellites and spacecraft have only gotten better and better as the years went by. Many spacecraft organizations have been created, such as SpaceX, NASA, Boeing, Blue Origin, and so much more. Almost all of these organizations have focused their work on landing on different planets, figuring out if there are other planets that humans can colonize, and so much more that people do not know.

The way a satellite works is that the “cloud” of internet goes into the NOC hub, then into the router, which is linked to the satellite up in space. The internet connection then goes from the satellite to a router in another area or house. It then reaches a Wi-Fi box. The Wi-Fi box is then used to create Wi-Fi for phones, computers, tablets, and so much more. The internet connection and Wi-Fi are used to look up questions, information, pictures, social media, and more.

   One of the items on SpaceX and NASA’s to-do list is to find a faster way for an internet connection to get around the world. To accomplish this, SpaceX sent, first, a Falcon 9 spaceship into space, and it was a successful launch. Because the first launch was successful, SpaceX sent 60 internet satellites up, in hopes of getting their own high-speed internet connection to help with finding new information and connecting to the rockets so they can take off and land properly. All of the companies that helped send the internet satellites all want in on the high-speed internet connection. They all think that the new satellites will capture the internet connection that was omitted by the main and older satellites that have orbited Earth for a long time. These satellites will be in low-orbit, so it is easier to get the connection for people’s devices.

   One of the main reasons why all of these companies sent the internet satellites into the orbit of Earth is because when the internet is down on Earth, only the people who have an internet connection can get service on their device. When the satellites are in orbit Earth, everyone everywhere will be able to use a device no matter where they are in the world. Companies like NASA, SpaceX, Amazon, and other companies would benefit a lot from having this type of internet connection wherever they are, for research, package delivery, buildings, and more.

Besides, the internet satellites, NASA is also doing another experiment on protecting satellites from the Sun’s radiation. They will test this by trying to send a couple of satellites to the Sun and see how long it stays intact. The reason why they want to conduct this experiment is that they want to see how they can improve technology in space to find more out about it.