Should Phones be Allowed to be Taken to School?

A student using their phone while studying and doing homework.

Ethan Y.

A student using their phone while studying and doing homework.

In these modern days, technology is a part of our everyday lives. Many kids have phones and take it with them almost everywhere, including school. There are many uses for a phone, such as taking pictures, playing games, texting friends or other people, and more. When kids bring their phones to school, they might misuse it, such as playing games when you are not supposed to. This can take away his/her learning or even others. However, bringing phones to school also gives opportunities for more learning, because people can use these devices to stay connected to their classroom and updates. Some people think that phones help learning, but others think they are bad to take to school. Are phones a helping factor of learning, or are they a learning deterrent?

Phones have many abilities, and one of them is downloading apps in which students can stay connected with your classroom and upcoming or due assignments. One of the most popular apps that allow these is Google Classroom. This app is useful if a particular student is not that excellent at remembering things. Phones provide quick and easy access to things students might need in school, such as if they don’t have your calculator, the person can whip out your phone and use the calculator app. Students in school need to do research for many projects, assignments, or other classwork. Phones can give students easy access to the internet, so they can do their research quickly. 

During emergencies, students can easily contact their parents or teachers in times of trouble. Disasters and lockdowns can happen at any moment, and kids need a device that can contact help in case they need it or when they are at a place where they cannot get help. 

School is a very important thing for us and others. It helps us learn and develop some skills that will help us later in life. In this modern world, we are surrounded by technology such as phones, and they provide a way of learning for us. They also pose a problem of cheating, playing games when you are not supposed to, and also takes away learning from others. The question still stands, should phones be allowed in school or not?