Trump is Angered with the Media

Trumps made many enemies throughout his presidency, but his archenemy is the media

via Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s made many enemies throughout his presidency, but his archenemy is the media


President Trump is launching a news network because he is frustrated with the current news coverage. The idea came to Trump when he was attacking CNN International News in a rally in Florida. In the meeting, he called CNN “very bad” and a “terrible thing for this country.” Since he has complained about “fake” news before, he just said,” We ought to start our own network and put some real news out there!”

A few downsides about having a news station dedicated to a single problem is very inefficient because other news channels are already covering the same issues that this new channel will also include. Creating a wide-broadcasted news company will also cost a large sum of money. The White House could use that money to buy something that would help America, like funding schools.

President Trump also stated,” We really are, we are looking at that. We should do something about it too. Put some really talented people and get a real voice out there, not a voice that’s fake.”

Even with these remarks, it is truly not clear if the White House will waste the time and money to launch a news network. The media got involved again in Trump’s actions, so he has been railing against them about the scandal that has prompted impeachment proceedings that might end his presidency. Donald Trump has complained to CNN multiple times before, saying that it “spews bad information.” During this rampage, he mentioned Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. He said,” We used to have these,” but then also said,” not working out too well.”

 The White House and some of its representatives have said that they are unsure if it will become a reality or not. Many of the quotes from other people say that it is not going to be a reality because there are other channels already covering the topics that might be an interest for an American citizen.

If the network becomes a reality, it might be Fox News: Whitehouse. Fox News has already had 42 interviews with him. He has been on multiple news networks, but none have been as close as CNN. Donald Trump is continually saying that it is fake news.