Wings of Fire Book 12: The Hive Queen | review


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The Wings of Fire book franchise started with Wings of Fire Book 1: The Dragonet Prophecy, which was published on July 1, 2012. This book has started a series of books, that continues until book 13. Wings of Fire Book 12: The Hive Queen, precedes book 11: The Lost Continent, and the book following, book 13: The Poison Jungle. Book 12: The Hive Queen, was published on December 26, 2018, by Tui T. Sutherland. The Wings of Fire series always has one of the characters be the narrator, and this character will change ever book. In The Hive Queen, the protagonist is Cricket of the Hivewings. 


In the previous book, the protagonist, Blue, lost his sister, went into a cocoon to have his metamorphosis. His friends, Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail, must wait for Blue to complete his metamorphosis. Then they will continue their journey to escape the hives, and to save Luna. By the beginning of chapter two, Cricket has a memory of the very first time she had ever had to witness Queen Wasp taking control of all of the members of the hive, forcing them all to move their body, being able to see through their eyes, and controlling their every move. Cricket, was for some reason, not affected by the queens call. She did not respond, and had full control of her body, the queen was not able to control her. This plays an incredibly large roll in the story as Cricket seems to be the only question. In the nests that is not affected by the Queen Wasp’s mind control. 

After thinking about her past, Sendew returns to the cave with a plan on how they could possibly stop Queen Wasp and the rest of the hivewings for good. She proposes that Blue should burn down the hives, as Blue is a flamesilk,which means his silk spins at extremely high temperatures (this can also provide as a good light source) he could burn down the hives entirely.  Cricket is horrified by this plan, and thus decides to devise a new plan to help the leafwings. 

Cricket and Swordtail decide to visit the Chrysalis which was a silkwing organization working for silkwing rights in the hives, as silkwings were treated poorly there. Cricket, Swordtail, and Blue, when he wakes up, all decide that they should try and locate the Chrysalis, before they retreat to the leafwings, and possibly start a war. The four dragons enter the hive again, and Cricket is able to learn a lot about the hives, herself, and Queen Wasp.

 Cricket learns that her sister Katydid, someone who had helped Cricket throughout most of her life, was actually her mother. Cricket is able to learn that hivewings are a hybrid dragon, which means that they were created from two different dragon species.

 The two dragon species that breed hivewings were nightwings (spacifictly Clearsight) and silkwings. Hivewings declared themselves as a separate species only about 500 years before the events of The Hive Queen.

 Cricket learns that Queen Wasp is using her poison on the hivewing eggs, she does this because this allows her to take control of the dragon once it hatches. She learns that the reason that Queen Wasp can not control her mind is because she was sneaked into the nest, after the Queen had already poisoned all of the eggs there. 

Cricket is able to rescue one of the eggs and escape the hives, where she meets back up with Blue, Swordtail, and Sundew. By the end of the book the egg that Cricket saves hatches. Swordtail suggests that they name the hivewing Bumblebee, and the others agree. 

The overall story is very entertaining, getting the reader ready for the next book, Wings of Fire Book 13: The Poison Jungle. Where the protagonists will venture to the poison jungle to locate leafwings. The story has an interesting plot, where the protagonist Cricket must learn more information about the hives and the Queen in order to prevent a possible war from occurring. In the end Cricket is successful in her goal of learning more information but will have to travel to the leaf wings in order to stop Queen Wasp. Out of all of Tui’s Wings of Fire books, The Hive Queen is one of the most interesting books in the series.