Joker Review


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Seriously though this is the best movie to EVER exist! please don’t waste your life and GO WATCH IT!!!

   The movie, Joker is said to be a masterpiece of a film by several moviegoers and critics alike and will serve as a great role model for more movies to come. Joaquin Phoenixes’ performance was spectacular and captivated precisely what the Joker is supposed to be to most people. On IMDB, the movie has 9.1 stars, which are better than the highly loved, Avengers Endgame. The movie has been praised by

movie reporters everywhere. The well-loved film has a 55.6% of people rating the movie 10 stars rating on IMDB. The movie has also gained a lot of controversy from how blatant they are and the disturbingness of the film, which gave it the infamous “R” rating.

      The Joker has a lot of controversy surrounding how realistic it is in showing how society treats people, and this is definitely shown when the Joker was slowly going insane from the actions caused to him by this cruel, cruel world. In Joker the main character has a ton of mental health problems, and he resorts to violence when he sees fit. Many people think they can relate to Arther. As a result, theaters showing “Joker” have been getting threats by people suggesting someone will shoot up the theater. The threats have not helped the film increase in controversy as much as the media has. There was a theater in Huntington Beach, California that had to shut down its two final showings on opening night because the venue got a threat that the police believed to be a credible threat. In most movie theaters showing Joker, there’d be extra security just for safety. Some people think that all the controversy surrounding the Joker might affect Joaquin Phoenix’s shot at his first oscar. Many people were worried about seeing the movie on opening night because of the Dark Knight Rises shooting in 2012. In that shooting, 70 people died, and 12 were injured .

            SPOILERS AHEAD

   The Joker is about a man named Arthur Fleck that has a lot of mental health problems and turns to violence to make him feel better later on in the film after being abused over and over again by society. In the movie, he has a job at a place named “ha ha’s” that has clowns do shows and events. Arthur wants to be a stand-up comedian, but he has a medical disease that makes him uncontrollably laugh for no reason so when he tries to do stand up comedy a late-night talk show host makes fun of him on-air because he can’t stop laughing making it awkward/funny for everyone and traumatizing to him. Joker lives with his mother in a small apartment and barely makes by living in a crime-infested Gotham city in the year is 1981. He is adopted, and he doesn’t know, and he later finds out. He thinks his life is falling apart, and he considers his life a comedy after realizing the trauma done to him.

   Joker is a fantastic movie, and it has some fantastic scenes. One of my favorite scenes is when he starts slow dancing in a run-down public bathroom to calm himself after he killed three men. Joker is on a subway train in Gotham after he gets fired. When he is on the subway, he is still in his clown costume, and he starts having a laughing breakdown when other people on the subway are making fun of a person. The Joker starts laughing, and then the people keep asking him what’s so funny. The Joker keeps saying its nothing, but he can’t stop laughing. The three men pull him to the ground and start beating him. When he is getting beat up, he realizes he has a gun in his pocket that his “friend” gave him. He pulls out the gun and shoots two of them. Then he chases the last guy and shoots him, and then he runs on the street and sees a public bathroom. He enters the bathroom and starts slow dancing to calm himself. This scene is breathtaking because it has a foreshadowing of when his “friend” gave him a gun, and also it shows how people have different ways of calming themselves in a disturbing way.

 Another great scene is when the Joker shoots his hero Muray Franklin on his comedy/talk show. Joker gets invited to the show because Muray saw a clip of Arthur laughing uncontrollably at one of his comedy shows. When Arthur is getting dressed, he dresses up as a clown and tells Muray to refer to him as “Joker.” In the talk show, Joker confesses his life has been a mess for the past few weeks after he shot those three men. Then Muray criticizes him on why he shot three men. Then the Joker makes a knock-knock joke. After Muray tried to get security, the Joker shot him in the head. The amazing thing about this scene is that it is all on live tv and everyone in the movie reacts to it a different way.

   I recommend the Joker for its writing and its cinematography and, most notably, Joaquin Phoenixes’ performance as the Joker.