California’s College Sports Pay Law


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College players showing that they are worthy of being paid


California has a new law targeted towards college athletes in California. The law consists of many reasons/details that are helping the eligibility for college athletes to get paid. Though California thinks that this law is good for the state, the NCAA has always insisted that college athletes, as mature players, should not receive pay for their talents. There are many problems that could be ahead for college players because of this law. 

The current NCAA regulations are banning college athletes from signing endorsement deals or, “accepting any payment for the use of the images.” The California law will not be going into effect until 2023. This is a way for the law to go through without the NCAA punishing the athletes. This law was actually helped by Lebron James and he said, “I’m so incredibly proud to share this moment with all of you. Gavin Newsome came to The Shop(The American Talk Show) to do something that will change the lives of countless athletes who deserve it! Uninterrupted hosted the formal signing for SB 206 which will allow college athletes to responsibly get paid for their name and likeness. And it’s only right that Ed O’Bannon, who really started this journey, was in The Shop to see his hard work pay off. NCAA, you got the next move. We can solve this for everyone!”. Lebron had posted this on his Instagram a few short hours after finding out that the law was going to be taking effect in the next few years. He had also said this because he was fond of the idea and supported it all the way to the end. The main reason that Lebron thanked Gavin Newsome is that the governor is the one that signed the bill that gave college students the eligibility to hire agents and make money off of endorsements. 

In California, there are thousands of student-athletes that will now be able to promote products and companies. Although the law is only for California, it sets up possibilities for other leaders in the sports industry to change. The association thought that change was needed. As many can tell the NCAA was not approving this law, but then later came around, but are still having doubts about it. As a result, once again the law will take effect in the year 2023, which is not that far from now. As excited as many college athletes are, most of them will not end up getting the chance to get paid. The law of college players being eligible for getting endorsement deals is right around the corner and athletes that are coming up to the college league are getting super hyped.