Is Graffiti Considered Art?

Graffiti ruins property, causing millions of dollars to be lost.

Darrius H.

Graffiti ruins property, causing millions of dollars to be lost.

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Some people say that graffiti is a type of art that expresses emotion. It has writing, drawings, slogans, gang signs, and sometimes even threats. It has been around ever since ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire. Graffiti can be put on any flat surface such as a wall, table, house, and ground. Usually, graffiti is a way to form an expression of anger, but sometimes it is taken to another level. People sometimes do graffiti for fun on historical sites costing a lot of money to repair. To add on, graffiti is illegal in the United States without having permission making it a type of crime. Because of this, I believe that graffiti is not considered a type of art. 

Although graffiti has many colors and sometimes cool drawings, there is a downside to it that makes it not art. For many graffiti artists, they see it as meaning or just a plain drawing. However, people that see graffiti in public see it as destruction. Many people that have seen graffiti feel very sorrowful because of public property that has been damaged and the cost to repair it. Every year, around $12 billion is spent just to remove graffiti which is not beneficial in any way.

Last but not least, graffiti can be the first step towards a life of crime. Whether being a kid or an adult, a person who does graffiti has a higher chance of committing a crime. It opens doors for many opportunities for them to do something that can be harmful to a person or community. To add on, when older people do graffiti and kids see it, it makes them think that it is cool to do and would want to do it. So whatever a person does, in the future kids will follow up on it which is a bad reputation. The percent of crimes will be higher than it already is. In addition, if a person gets caught doing graffiti, he or she can be sent to prison for up to 10 years. 

In conclusion, graffiti isn’t artwork. It doesn’t make anyone cool when they do it. All it does is destroy property and history. So, the main thing to remember is don’t do graffiti. It won’t help in any way no matter how good the artwork is.