“The Crown” is Under Criticism After Falsely Claiming that Buckingham Palace Endorses the Show

A Royal gaurd gaurding in the front of a castle

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A Royal gaurd gaurding in the front of a castle

Recently Netflix’s hit show, The Crown, has been under a series of criticism after Buckingham Palace dismisses the claim that they endorse the television show. Although it is a known fact that the makers frequently hint that Buckingham Palace is keen on the production, it appears that Peter Morgan, the writer, has gone a little too far by claiming that he has frequent meetings with high ranking royals to discuss the storyline. 

In an interview with the Guardian, Morgan stated that he meets with “people who are very high-ranking and very active within the organization.” 

On a rare public intervention, the Queen’s communications secretary, Donal McCabe, has clarified that Buckingham Palace has dismissed the claims of them endorsing the show. He also added that the show hardly reflects upon their history. Besides the discrepancy in the comments made by the show’s producers, the show has also been under fire for frequently making erroneous and twisted storylines that inaccurately display the Royals. 

McCabe additionally claimed in a letter that the show, “May have the unfortunate consequence of leading the readers to believe that the television series The Crown is made with some the endorsement of the royal household….” 

A regularly criticized episode of The Crown involves the plot where the Duke of Edinburgh is accused of killing his sister, Cecile. The storyline goes as follows: the Duke (as a schoolboy) intends to visit his sister during school break, but after being caught misbehaving, he is not permitted to leave. Cecile, instead, decides to attend a wedding. However, on the plane ride there, she crashes, and dies. At the end of the drama, the Duke’s father yells, “You’re the reason we’re here, burying my favorite child!”

In response to this idiocy, Hugo Victors, royal historian, calls the plot “utter drivel”; moreover, Cecile intended to take the flight anyhow.

As well, there are multiple other episodes that deal with controversial topics that often have no factuality, namely the one where the Queen questions her marriage to Prince Phillip. 

The Crown defends themselves by stating that they employed David Rankin-Hunt, a former member of the Royal Household, who had received permission from Buckingham Palace prior to taking the job. 

Rankin-Hunt additionally went on to say that “very senior members of the Royal Household have stated, ‘Oh we love The Crown.’”