The Stranger Things Crew has Returned from the Upside Down


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What are those wacky kid up to?!?!?! probably a potential crime...

Ever since Eleven closed the gate into the Upside Down, Stranger Things fans have been anxiously awaiting Season 3 of the interdimensional horror mixup, and they finally got it. This time Stranger Things had to compete with the openings of It: Chapter Two, Rambo Last Blood,  Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and so much else. Another challenge that the writers faced was the fact that they very well could have ended the show after season 2 as Eleven had closed the gate, and there was little to no more threats for our heroes to face. This created a problem, and the writers came up with entirely new villains that add a touch of real-life to the plot. 

In addition to all these challenges, the writers had to to incorporate the past antagonists of the show. The Duffer brothers (directors of the show) and the Stranger Things cast embraced this challenge and produced the most exciting and suspenseful season yet. This, of course, was difficult to do after the last season featured a battle for the ages and the introduction of Eleven’s spiritual sister, Khali “Eight” Prasad (though kind of lost touch with her after episode seven of last season). It would have been great if viewers got to see more of the Kali in Season 3, but that is one of the few disappointments of the season. 

Season three of Stranger Things kicks off with excitement, and it doesn’t calm down for half a millisecond. As all fans of the show recall the main antagonist from Season 2, The Mind Flayer is back, and it’s taking a slightly more repulsive form. Heroes have to deal with the dangers presented by their archenemy and the horror of growing older. (Although Season 3 has many significant aspects to it, the season is also more violent than both of the previous seasons, so parents may want to hold off on letting their little ones watch it.)  Overall there are very few flaws in this season; this season is undeniably more violent than the previous two. Of course, the absence of Kali is made up by fans getting closer to their favorite jerk of a conspiracy theorist, Murray Bauman (for any die-hard fans out there if you call Murray’s phone number there is a pretty hilarious message, his number is 618-625-8313). 

Even though there are some flaws this season, there is also a multitude of shock, comedy, and a little bit of romance (Where are the kids saying eww?). Overall, the season is so fabulous that it’s worth buying a Netflix membership just to watch Stranger Things. On top of all that, it is especially relevant for 7th and 8th graders because the protagonists in Stranger Things are just about middle school age; in addition, one of the main characters is from California. If that wasn’t clear enough, I give Season 3 five out of five stars, and the entire show 6 out of 5 stars (Wooh Stranger Things got extra credit). The crew is currently back inside The Upside Down preparing for Season 4, and the Stranger Things fan base cannot wait for the first trailer. That’s all folks!