Teen Fatally Stabbed in Public

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A few weeks ago an  innocent teenager was fatally stabbed in front of many  students. The person that murdered the teen was an 18-year old, who has been  arrested and charged. The murder was also recorded by dozens of other students that were there at that time. 

The murder was committed by Tyler Flach. The 18-year old was charged with second-degree murder in the city of Nassau. He was guilty of killing a 16-year old named Khaseen Morris, who  died surrounded by a large crowd of students that filmed Morris bleeding out. Khaseen was killed during an after-school fight that broke out because of a girl. At least Morris didn’t die in the parking lot, he died in the hospital a few hours later. The police have estimated that around 50 to 70 kids stood by and just recorded instead of calling for help. 

The lead detective for this investigation was Detective Stephen Fitzpatrick. He was angry that the students decided to watch their friend get killed rather than getting help. According to the detective around 6 to 7 guys had gone to jump Morris and his friends. One of Morris’s friends was also injured and had gotten a broken arm and bruising to the head. In some of the early stages of this investigation, it looked like Morris knew that he was a target. The detective had gotten many of the students to show him the footage of the fight. The fight was a senseless act that affected many over a local girl who might already be dating someone else. 

The schools superintendent said, “I ask that in addition to using judgment and restraint on social media, that you have this conversation with your children and that you monitor their social media usage” This was a good point considering that no one needs to find out that someone died over something that was not even important. The lesson many need to learn from this incident is that always call for help when see something like this and that if are like Morris make sure don’t get into a fight over a girl that isn’t. Tyler Flach is currently being held with charges without bail.





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